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MonaLisa: Posh Salon Touch and Dr. Kristina Disbrow Hansen by Kelly Rush

Nov 27, 2017 10:09PM
Because of the vast range of high level corrective treatments Posh Salon & Medical Spa offers, they are required to have a physician on staff and frankly, they wouldn’t have it any other way. Posh’s own facial rejuvenation expert, Rosie Browne, RN, knew Posh was looking for a Medical Director and thought Dr. Kristina Disbrow Hansen, MD, was the ideal candidate for the job. She was right!

Being highly educated and an educator with a very diverse background, Dr. Disbrow Hansen spent many years in private practice as a family physician and registered dietician nutritionist, dealing with weight management, mental health, and women’s health issues. Her experience was a perfect fit for the holistic approach Posh takes with their clients. Kristina met with owner Vickie Peckham who gave her an office and a venue to teach her health and wellness classes.


Kristina’s primary job is to supervise the CoolSculpting procedures, CO2 Laser Facial Rejuvenation and Enhancement treatments, and injectable treatments, so she immediately became certified in all the equipment and techniques the MedSpa provides.

Vickie had also heard about this revolutionary new vaginal rejuvenation technology called MonaLisa Touch, and she was interested in bringing it to Posh. At first, Kristina wasn’t sure.

“A laser for the vagina, I don’t know,” Kristina said, “Then when I went to training, I was sold! Now that I know what it is, I was like, ‘Wow, this is the real deal!’”

As our bodies mature and change reaching the menopausal phases, one of the things we experience are symptoms of vaginal atrophy: dryness, itching, burning, tearing of the skin, or painful sex. This is caused by the decrease of estrogen, and up until recently the only remedies were basically hormone replacement therapy, various creams and lubricants, or to simply suffer in silence.

All of that has changed with the MonaLisa Touch! Dr. Disbrow Hansen does the procedures herself. It’s painless, takes less than five minutes, and is as simple as your annual exam. The vaginal probe sends laser light pulses to approximately 10% of the vagina, causing the heat to ablate the skin. The initial treatment is a series of three sessions done in six week intervals, then after that it’s only one session once a year to maintain your results.

“What happens is your body heals itself and produces collagen, elastin, and increased blood-flow. I like to use the analogy that you basically take a raisin and make it a grape again. You take this very thin vaginal tissue and you make it thicker and healthier,” Kristina explains.

There are other types of issues that MonaLisa Touch may also be able to address. These include mild incontinence issues often brought on by menopause, or other non-menopausal hormone or genitourinary issues.

“I love what I do and I’m passionate about this because I’ve seen it work,” says Kristina, “It can truly be life changing for women.”

There is no better endorsement than the fact that Dr. Disbrow Hansen is four years post-menopausal and had many symptoms herself. She had the MonaLisa Touch procedure and has found a tremendous amount of relief from it, personally.

It may seem shameful or embarrassing to talk about something like this, but with a doctor like Kristina Disbrow Hansen, MD, a procedure like MonaLisa Touch, and a facility like Posh Medical Spa, not only is it okay, it’s time!