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Is Your Style Stopping The Sale From The Start?

By Kathleen Audet

When you’re in front of a future client, you don’t want your clothes to be a barrier to what you have to offer. It is important to pay attention to the non-verbal cues and clues you give as you speak and present. Here are three things to consider when getting dressed:

Your sales call wardrobe should not include your workout outfit or your Saturday night date outfit. Wearing the wrong outfit to a meeting gives an inaccurate message about who you are. Of course, dressing for a business call with an artist and one with a banker may look different. But, showing up dressed as a reflection of your business and as professionally as possible will bridge that gap. The non-verbal cues and clues we give to others are important, and we need to understand them before we can use them. A straight line whether in a pattern, fabric, or shape says, "Pay attention to me," while a curved line says, "Take your time to look at me—have some fun!" The combination of lines and then shape, color, fabric, and pattern create the message we want to give to others using our clothing. There’s no better way to close the gap between what your clothes say about you and the non-verbal cues you give to the world than by using color. The right color can send non-verbal messages such as “I can do that,” “I want that,” and “She’s telling my story.”  Use color to stand out, to bring you and your message together and to create some fun in your wardrobe and your meetings. It’s time to close the gap between what non-verbal cues your clothes say about you what and what you want to say to the world. The more you understand who you are, the easier it is to choose clothing that reflects you and to create an image that is honest, trustworthy and garners warmth immediately. And isn’t that the goal of every opportunity we are given to connect with others?

Kathleen Audet is the president and founder of Your Authentic Image. SheAudet helps men and women find their authentic style, which inevitably leads to increased awareness of and confidence in their personal and professional leadership and nonverbal communication abilities.

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