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Double Bond Winery: Where Science Meets Decadence

Aug 03, 2017 09:37PM
Double Bond Winery: Where Science Meets Decadence

by About Town Deb (Debbie McCarthy)

Winemaking is often considered an art form. But for some, it comes down to science.

Biochemist Dr. John Klacking founded Double Bond Winery in 2007, though his fascination for wine began as a student at UC Davis, a premier school of Enology and Viticulture. With roommates in the enology program, he was intrigued by wine and beer making. After years of collecting some of the world’s best wines as a hobby, he was convinced that starting his own winery was the next step in pursuing his passion. 

With the help of his physicist uncle, Dr. John Thunen, who already had decades of winemaking under his belt, Dr. Klacking was on his way to creating the boutique winery of his dreams.

“He and I started talking about me wanting to do my own winery and doing something at a very high level,” Dr. Klacking explained. “We talked about the best barrels, the best grapes, and doing everything the best we could. That turned into Double Bond in 2007.”

For Double Bond Winery, the best grapes can be found at boutique vineyards in the central coast grape-growing regions of California: Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Paso Robles, to be exact. This variety in location allows Double Bond to get the perfect grapes for the most flavorful wine possible.

Part of having the best wine is having a strong brand, with a strong name. So what inspired Dr. Klacking to choose Double Bond as the name of his winery? Well, it comes back to science, sort of.

“Double bond is a chemistry term,” explains Dr. Klacking. “In chemistry you mainly have single bonds and double bonds; the double bonds are the strongest. So it’s ultimately about the strong bonds in life: the bonds with friends, family, and between the wine and the people drinking it. And, finally, between the winemaker, the terroir, and the climate.”

At Double Bond it’s about taking a minimalist approach to the grapes and letting them do the talking in order to produce a unique and complex—but balanced—wine. Much of this is left to the expertise of Dr. Thunen and his love of the creativity and experimentation that is allowed at a boutique winery.

The decades of passion that has brought Dr. Klacking to this point has definitely paid off with his wine having received numerous prestigious awards, including three number one Best of Class awards at the 2016 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition—the most of over 1,300 wineries entered in the competition.

So, when you taste a Double Bond wine, you’re truly getting the perfect blend of art, science, and passion in every glass.