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One Child Who Brought Happiness

We found out almost 3 days after our daughter Pip was born that she had Down syndrome. I was discharged from the hospital and about to leave when a nurse said she noticed a "heart murmur" and a specialist was coming to check her out. That specialist looked at me with the saddest eyes possibly during his exam and said, "I'm sorry I am the one to have to tell you this, but I think I see symptoms that your daughter has Down syndrome". It felt like he slapped me across the face- It was the last thing I expected to hear.

Tara Cassidy McCallan, Pip’s mother, created “Happy Soul Project”. Her way of dealing with their new reality that their daughter had Down Syndrome was to sit down and write.

One night, a few days after her daughter’s diagnosis, she sat at the computer typing through tears and wrote “Life is Beautiful Because You Are Here.” It was a raw moment where she was completely honest and vulnerable and seems that it resonated with many people since that first blog post got over 50,000+ views.

Since then, it soared into a community of people celebrating the beauty in differences. Many people would respond to her blog posts about living with a child with a disability, the obstacles, and amazing discoveries that they lived through with Pip. She is continually asked by teachers and schools to make presentations with her daughter about Down Syndrome to help students and parents have a better understanding how to deal with a child with this disability. She has created ways to help students accept differences among themselves and has given hope to many parents who are facing with a child that is also affected in the same manner.

“It's okay to grieve what you thought life or your child was supposed to be... I had to grieve in order to grow. And now a year later I can't believe I even grieved” Child 2 - says Tara.



 In order to promote this cause and to help with Down Syndrome awareness, the Happy Soul Project has created two initiatives:

1.    “Painting Outside The Lines” A collection that features artists with special needs making beautiful art pieces with uplifting & inspiring messages.

2.    “Awesome Eh? Project”  A portion of proceeds from every sale which goes   toward this initiative will be seen as random acts of awesomeness proving to others that there is hope & happiness out there.

These initiatives can be found at

Tara’s next two goals are to continue to help spread the message that “What Makes You Different Is What Makes You Beautiful” through Happy Soul Project and to complete writing her book and get it published.

“Just to think outside the box, paint outside the lines, try and see life and people differently...It's a beautiful thing.”Child 4

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