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Wild Woman: Dr. Emily Morse


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Dr. Emily Morse

Interview by Leslie McCarroll-CEO and Co-Founder of

You may have listened to her Podcasts, you might have seen her on the hit show Bravo, The Today Show or  CNN and you might have even read her sex-fabulous articles in Cosmopolitan, Glamour Magazine, LA Times, NY Times and Men's Health. In either case, Dr. Emily Morse has been giving amazing advice and expertise on everything from lubrication to communication!

I had the luxury of catching up with Dr. Emily Morse to find out her daily life and how she got into being a Sexpert! In addition I asked Emily some questions I was interested in knowing about and that I thought our readers might find interesting as well!

Q. Emily thank you for taking time to  speak with me during your amazing buzy life! What is a typical day like for you?

A. No problem and your welcome! My day...well wow! It's usually busy with  writing content, blogs, making TV appearances, and talking with reporters. I live in Hollywood now and I love it!

Q. What got you into this?? How did it happen?

A. I majored in documentary and film making. I loved politics and I found that I really loved interviewing people. I've always been fascinated by sex and relationships so I decided to explore this area.  I invited 5 people to my house and did my first interview in my living room. I interviewed them about their sex lives, love and relationships. I posted  the interview  in iTunes and it got a lot of attention.  At first it was all exploratory but then I decided to pursue my doctorate in human sexuality and become a sex expert! I'm very interested in relationships, sex, divorce rates, and helping people have better communication about sex.

After that I created a live radio show that grew to about 2000 shows. It was an evolved process and  I felt it was exactly what I should be doing. The rest is history!

 Q. So being a sex expert has got to have quite the interesting twist when is comes to dating? What is your dating life  like and are your dates intimidated by your profession?

A. Yes...haha!  It can be an issue being a Sex Expert. Some men definitely can get intimidated. Some men feel like they have to bring their "A" game.  I have learned to keep my profession kinda quite until I get to know them.

Q. Is dating in big cities like LA any different than some of the other cities you've lived in?

A. Most people rant that their city is the worst city to live in and date but really, wherever you go, there you are!

If your goal is to meet someone, you can meet someone where ever you are.  Get out of your comfort zone!  It’s where EVER you ARE. STOP MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS!  Take off your ear phones, stop looking at your phone and make an effort. Open your self up to the opportunity. Then perhaps you may meet the man or woman of your dreams!

Q. Do your parents listen to your show?

A. My mom is very open and supportive. I did a reality show on Bravo last year and my family enjoyed that. I'm lucky, my family is great and very laid back. They are very happy for my success.

Q. So Emily, here are a few questions I want to ask you for our readers. Sex after 40? Is sex after 40 better for most women? What are some of the reasons why sex is better?

A. Great question!

1. I believe that you know your own body even better and you're not afraid to ask what you want in bed. You have the confidence that so many women in their 20’s and 30’s are still lacking. Women are not afraid of vocalizing it at this age!

2. More women are more open about sex. At this age many women have had more experiences so they are comfortable trying new things in the bedroom such as toys, positions, ideas..ect!

3. Many women after 40 are more causal about sex, not as up tight. It' s more about their pleasure.

4. Women at 40 tend to date people closer to their age and more experienced.

 Q. Do women over 40 masturbate more?

A. I'm not so sure about that but there are more more sex toys in the market now than were ever before so , it's a good possibility! Good question, I  still have to find out more on masturbation rates.

Q. When you enter a new relationship should you and your new partner get  an STD test together before you have sex? Should you tell your partner if you do it by yourself? Do people disclose tests? How many people actually really do this these days?

A. It would be great if people would get tested together. I would like for everyone to do that. The stats are not out unfortunately. I Do not think however think that it is the majority. I would appreciate that when I am in a new relationship that my new partner and I take a test together. I would never say NO! If he said "no" then that's a BIG RED FLAG! That would be a  major sign not sleep with that person.

Q. Emily, what is your  take on “Open Relationships” – they seem to be more common. Is this the new thing? How does this work for some people?

A. Great question! Open Relationships are not about non- attachment but really maybe having emotionally detached sex. It's about two people experiencing radical honesty. I believe that both can’t be jealous and that is most likely part of the "rules".  I think it's important for couples that do agree to an "open relationship" to have great communication between each other and be in a good place. DO NOT decide to get into an "open relationship"  if you are just tired of each other…. an "open relationship"  is NOT for everyone! "Open Relationships" seem to work more for those couples that are more evolved and can definitely contribute to building upon an already strong relationship.

Q. And Finally, the million dollar question! Why do men cheat? and Continually Cheat?

A. Some men simply do it just have the thrill. They are not obviously evolved.  For some, they are not feeling validated at home. Some clearly have issues and some simply should be in open relationships.  I would advise most cheaters to go to therapy.  Figure out why you are doing it. Many don’t think that they do anything wrong. They try to rationalize it. I believe that If we don’t work on ourselves we are going to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Go therapy!!!Pray!!! Meditate!!! Many men don’t take the time to do the deep introspection. Everyone on the planet should take the time to do work on themselves. I won’t event think of dating a man that hasn’t worked on himself. If you do not know your issues by now then I won’t date you. Most men don't change until something really bad happens. They use all sorts of justifications. Many men who cheat hang with other guys that cheat. Birds of a Feather......  If he cheats with you he will cheat on you! Leave him.  We overlook the red flags and start getting intimate too soon!

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