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Canadian Fitness Jewel: Veronique Perron

Jan 15, 2014 10:11PM

Véronique Perron

Founder of Force Majeure Fitness

Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Fitness Model and Published Health & Fitness Writer


I grew up in a community in Northern Ontario, Canada where the winters are cold and the snow is piled high. My parents have always been the ones I looked up to the most; my dad having been very athletic in the Canadian Forces, running long distances and skydiving and my mother always encouraging me during my dance classes and helping me practice for my recitals. As a VP1child I was always drawn towards the arts. I loved art and so I pursued my education in University and obtained my Bachelor’s in Arts (specialization in theatre).

Before University, I was a rather thin and ate what any other kid usually does. Once in University however, I was stressed, lacked the time to keep active and didn’t really think much about my food choices. By the end of my degree, I was at my all time highest weight: 186lbs.

At 5’6”, standing in front of a mirror one day, I looked at myself and thought, "Hmm... I think I could do better for myself." That day was my beginning. The end to my "old self". The day where I took an old pair of sneakers and decided to take charge of my life. I tried going to a gym with a friend but would find myself too intimidated to go there without her. Instead I would find myself hanging around more than actually working. I then decided to pick up a few fitness magazines, a workout DVD, a yoga mat and a few dumbbells to get started at home. After my first month and seeing the results of good nutrition and consistent exercise, I was hooked. I had a strong desire to learn more so I started doing daily research online about current health and fitness topics. With this drive of obtaining more knowledge about the fitness industry, I decided to get my certifications. Working at a law firm during the day, studying and practicing fitness at night, I was determined to complete my certifications. Luckily, I had a great man by my side to support me during the entire process. I became certified in Personal Training then Sports Nutrition, Suspension Training and finally, Pre/Post Natal Fitness. With my certifications, I went out looking to jump into action working for a gym. Unfortunately, due to most gyms’ demands of selling memberships and products, it wasn’t enough incentive for me to quit my current job and train with them.


That’s when I created my own business, Force Majeure Fitness, where I began to offer services both in person and online to accommodate my clients and to make it possible for me to concentrate on them versus the selling aspect. I’ve learned so much from my clients and am continually reading about new research in health and fitness to keep myself updated and become a VP before and afterbetter trainer.

It took me about 2 years to transform from being 186lbs to 125lbs. Through sweat, motivation and discipline in the kitchen, it was all possible. Once I hit my goals, I got another gym membership, but this time I was ready to conquer my initial fears. Soon enough, the gym actually became a second home to me. I dedicated many hours a week to training in the gym to better myself and become stronger. But I was craving more challenge and purpose in my routine. I decided to tackle as many athletic events that I could, to push myself to my limits. I specifically wanted to improve upon my weaknesses. I hated running, therefore I signed up for a 10k race. I had a change of heart however, and instead changed my registration to a half-marathon. I trained hard and completed my half-marathon in 2:11. After that I began involving my friends and family in my activities by participating with them in fun 5km races such as The Color Run. Next on the list was the Spartan Race which I successfully finished within my goal time. Now I’m determined to complete a marathon in 2014 and afterwards begin training for an Iron Man Triathlon.


My fitness journey has taught me many, many things about myself and about health & fitness. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The biggest things I want my readers to know:

1.     Be patient.

2.     Work hard.

3.     Be consistent.

4.     Challenge yourself daily.

5.     Lift heavy weights (especially women out there!)

6.     Sprint with all your might.

7.     Be yourself, but be the best version of yourself.

VP running






After living a healthier life, I now have the privilege to share my knowledge with my clients and now with you!


These last few years have completely changed my life for the best. I am now a Published Health & Fitness Writer, a Fitness Model and am still growing my business training clients. While always looking for new opportunities to contribute and work with others passionate in the Health & Fitness Industry, I became a member on the Board of Experts with the Fit Aphrodite famVP Black Dressily. I want more individuals out there to realize this: you ARE capable of getting there. Your strength will surprise you and you will gain so much by starting your own fitness story. The question is - WILL you? Do it for your kids, for your loved ones, but especially do it for YOU. I hope to help inspire as many of you as I can to live a healthier life and become YOUR best!