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Wild Woman: Stephanie. St.Claire on Living a Bliss-Bombed Life with a Kick ASS Attitude!

Nov 19, 2013 09:32PM

by Leslie McCarroll, Co-Founder of Fit Aphrodite

I have to admit that when I stumbled across Stephanie St.Caire's post on FaceBook ( - (as it was shared by another friend), I didn't expect to find myself not only so emotionally connected to her article but also so moved and captivated by her energy, spirit and positive attitude. I have been in quite the dark place for the last 2 months dealing with a few serious family matters, job loss, death, and loss of a  potential funder and through all of this I have managed to stay positive and stable but it's not always as easy as it seems on the surface. Sometimes a good cry is just what the doctor ordered and I certainly shed a few tears as I explored Stephanie's site and watched a few of her videos. Reading her blog and watching her videos is when I realized that I was in the perfect place and this amazing woman was speaking directly to me. At that moment I felt so compelled to reach out to Stephanie because I knew I had to meet her. Her energy was too incredible not to and she clearly knew what she was talking about and had a story to tell that I knew could not only inspire me but also I hope, inspire many of you. So without further Ado....

 I Introduce to you:  Stephanie St.Claire, Living A Bliss-Bombed Life with a Kick ASS Attitude.

“We all are in the shark tank together and none of us would be standing here if we didn’t all help each other”

- Stephanie St. Claire

Q. Where or when was your defining moment that guided you to do the work that you are engaged in now? What was it that inspired you? What you do is really powerful……

I  have had to  reinvent myself about 3-4 times in my life and I just turned 45. I was on my own by the time I was 16 and I married at 20; I  had 3 children and I did the whole wife and mother thing in my 20’s. While my peers were learning about single life in their 20’s, I was learning about life being a mom and wife.  I divorced in my mid 30’s and then had to totally reinvent myself because I didn’t have a college education  and I didn’t have a career.  I was really nieve at the time but really optimistic and  that helped me in a  sense and it was then that  I went back to school to get  a  degree in business management.

I then reconnected with my childhood sweetheart. The energy between us was exciting and he was so well versed in business. It seemed that our courtship was perfect  . We got engaged and I gave up my current job to work for his business. I soon then realized I was in a co-dependent relationship and found myself trying to help someone with issues that were way over my head.  Long story short, the issues were too much for me to handle and the night before our wedding I called it off.  I lost everything .I lost my job, I had no money, I was in a desperate situation  and I had 3 kids to support but I also knew that I hadn’t come this far in my life to let something like this deter me from who I was meant to be . I left to start over and the hardship came..... I needed a job and things were so tough  that  I couldn’t even get hired at the grocery store. I was barely making it and had to put groceries on credit cards and it was a major panic for 9 months….. and then one pivotal moment one day I  dusted off my broken resume and decided to send it out to almost every state. NY called me and offered me a PR firm job…It was then that I realized  I wanted to help people, I’ve always been a writer and counselor and I wanted to help people to make something of their lives.  I’m a late bloomer and  I believe in the potential that people are and who they are meant to be... ..I wanted to see other people succeed and create something with their lives. So I decided to get certified by Landmark education and commuted coast to coast for 4 years. It was through this process of commuting from coast to coast and living that life that  I made a decision that I wanted to live to serve. It was then that I created a business where I could do counseling and writing. I had to force myself to forget all about the main things that people think about when starting a business such as  “how much money and I going to make” , "where is my revenue going to come from", I had to stop worrying about my bank account whether I had $1 or $100k in my account I had to realize, trust and have faith that it was all going to work out.  All I cared about was that I could wake up every single day and serve.  When I stopped caring and started trusting it seemed everything became a little bit easier for me.   BB manifesto

Q. How did you market yourself?

I arrived in NY with $20 and. I worked at a waitress at night and even worked in Trader Joe’s and lived off of funds from a house sale I had. I also lived off of credit cards. I realized that I had to stop becoming attached about how the money was going to come. The turning point was when I created my own vision board with my own 12 clients and their own personalities, challenges, issues, backgrounds and I put it out to the Universe to have them appear in my life.  I created a schedule for myself each day whether I had paying clients or not. If I didn’t have a client that filled a spot I would work pro bono to make sure that I was a working coach anyway from day one. I called friends and family to fill those spots. The money that I made was up to the Universe. I was in a state of trust.  Slowly but surely the clients came in…it took almost 6 months to fill all of those slots. My schedule wasn’t always consistent and flowing so I still had to keep it booked with as many appointments as possible. I eventually started an email list and chatted with people who  were on that list. I created affordable workshops and I served through my writing…… Just recently I started creating You Tube videos……through the post you found me on I think I have about 1400 emails that I haven’t even got to as of yet……I first published that post in August through a site called and it was chosen as one of their featured stories. I was posted on Medium around the first of November and I woke up one morning to about  350 emails!!!  At first I thought it was spam but then soon realized that people were reading my posts and since I have been overwhelmed and over joyed with the enthusiastic responses from people all around the world that have been inspired reading my posts. Some of the responses I am getting are things like, "Stephanie you’ve inspired me to move on and keep moving forward"," I was about to quit but now I have the inspiration to carry on"  What I found is that we tend to feel so alone when we are doing our work and we forget that there are other people out there just like us…I was so thrilled that people felt connected to what I was doing and writing about.

Q. Your work seems to be inspiring people all around the world.

What was it like when you deciding to start putting yourself out there on You Tube? It’s definitely a very vulnerable area to play in……

Last October in 2012 I was in an all-time low….with 1 client…..I felt like a fraud. Depressed. I had to do something different but not business related.

The turning point for me was when I decided to do something different. I started what was called the October Project where I decided to learn to run 12 miles and track my progress. So by learning how to run 12 miles and having a support team I knew that I would learn how to solve my bigger problem (which was how I was going to move  back to California). I was now building my running practice or at this point  I'd completely blow it. I took a month off business. My running following grew to 150 people. I realized through this that I was able to reach the exact audience I intended for. I then took a year off business and I just focused on communicating with my tribe aka "followers". I had to stop being attached to the outcome of things and once I did that the flow of things got easier.

Q. What was it that made you stop being attached to things?

It takes 40 years on this planet for a lot of women…to be grounded and go after what they want …you realize that you go through these “mini-deaths” of your dreams and through it all you can still get up in the morning, be a mom, feed your kids and breathe air.  When you’ve been through it. You can get up and do everything that really matters… everyday you have a choice to get up and make the right decisions to better your life. You see yourself “show up” you still create, take a shower.....  do the next blog post, do the next workout, you see yourself transcend and transform…and you stop being afraid no matter what  hits you and can carry on because you’ve been through hell.

 Q. Why do you think people are so attracted to your and your work?

I believe that the reason people are attracted to my work is that there is a light inside of me. No matter what my appearance is people will listen to other people when they feel connected. When there’s a light….that’s what people are looking for…when you become vulnerable and put yourself out there you allow people and give them permission to do the same. In essence you liberate people from their own fears and allow their light to shine. People will always judge. I made a decision that everyone is my friend and I am there to serve them and they will not judge me even if they do. I’m willing to show up and I’m willing to meet people where they are at. I’m there for them. However it comes out is however it comes out. End of story and it’s how I get to learn about them.

Q. What is your life goal and where do you see this taking you?

I would be completely Blissed out if I could live on both coasts, full-time writer, coach people one on one.I would love to write 1000-10,000 words a day and write a book. I'm on a mission to coach people that are heart broken…...we are in this together…...Our planet is becoming incredibly conscious…..and it seems that women are loosening their grip on this harsh feminism movement as well.

I want to teaching people to get  up one more time than they're knocked down.

And knowing that you’re Powerful Beyond Measure.....  Life will hand you a lot of crap and you have to be able to say Hit ME with Your BEST Shot!

Q. Ok, What about those 12 miles? Did you complete them?

And as far as the 12 miles, yes I ran it on October 31, 2012! Mission accomplished!

To learn how  you can also  have a Bliss Bombed Life with a Kick ASS Attitude......You can reach Stephanie at: