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Get Great Glutes!!

Nov 15, 2013 12:29AM

Get Great Glutes


Chelsey Walton

vol2issue4Model: Chelsey Walton

Photo by: Amir Marandi

Since yoga pants are all the range these days, and it’s that time of year to whip out your leggings and boots, we have to make sure our backside is in extra good shape. It’s time to get our rears in gear and I have the perfect formula to build you an amazing behind!  You will be avoiding long sweaters and showing off that booty in no time with these moves:

Here are my top moves to really work your butt and legs:

1. Squats! Lots and lots of Squats! I do them as low to the ground as I can without compromising my form. I think squatting in the smith machine is the best way to do squats because I can place my feet further out to really target my glutes and maintain good form.

When squatting, make sure your knees don’t go over your toes and that your weight is in your heels. Keep your chest up and pretend like you are reaching for a seat behind you.

2. Hip Abduction. You can do this on the machine or with body weight! My favorite is placing a band on my lower thigh and doing claim shells. 

Lay on your side and stack your feet with your knees bent slightly. Now keep your heals glued together while you open and close your knees. You should feel this in your upper glute.

3. Kickbacks or raises of any kind. This will directly target your glutes for that ultimate booty blaster!

Try doing cable donkey kicks- Go on all fours and place a cable handle bar on the bottom of your feet. Then kick your heal back behind you. Make sure you control your movement.

Or you can do a standing glute raise with the cable machine. Use an ankle strap, stand tall and raise your heal behind you. Make sure you squeeze those glutes!

4. Split squats- You can do this with weights, with body weight, or even add a jump to get your heart rate up.

Get into a lunge position but place your back leg up onto a bench or step. Key is to make sure your knee isn’t going over your toe as you go deep into the lunge.

Split Squat

5. Lunges- If you are one of my clients, you know about my around the world lunge circuit that is absolutely killer. I love doing walking lunges too with knees high in between steps.  

Get into a lunge position and make sure both of your toes are pointing the same direction. Make sure your knee isn't going over your toe as you go deep into the lunge. Also, your back need shouldn’t touch the ground. Don’t cheat yourself and make sure your stance is wide enough.

Those are my core moves that I typically start with, and then I add specific moves dedicated to the muscle group that I decide to focus on. I always finish my leg/butt days with the stair master or walking on an incline. Squeezing your butt with each step!

To get ahead on building a lean booty via diet I am available for custom diet plans. January 2014 is not too far off to be in your best shape of your life! Contact me on for more details!