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The Electric Run

Oct 23, 2013 09:08PM

The Electric Run Experience

by Larissa Thornton

Electric RunLarissa Thornton and her first Electric Run

One day browsing my Facebook, a recommended page popped up on my screen. It immediately caught my eye with the vibrant colors and cool funky people dressed in colorful attire. Then I read the page Electric Run. When I saw the word “run”, there was a hesitation.  The word “run” intimidates me slightly, at least it used to. However I still clicked on the page to get more information on this “Electric Run”. When clicking on the page, I was intrigued by the whole concept. Electric Run describes itself as “the nation's premier nighttime 5k run/walk experience! Immersive Lands of light and sound that transport the participant into an electricwonderland”. In other words, a nighttime 5k that is built around a light show to entertain you as you participate in the run. This sounded like my kind of party; the only thing is I did not run!

            I decided to give it a chance and looked if the event would be in my area and just my luck there was one in Hartford, CT. Still slight intimidated by the idea of running, I decided to volunteer for the race. Volunteering for Electric Run is what prompted me to actual register for the race in Boston, MA. Electric Run is the ultimate experience and I am so glad I decided to overcome my fear and participate. The first step is getting your outfit together, since the race is at night you want to make sure you are seen. When you register, Electric run supplies you with an Electric Run t-shirt, neon glow glasses and a light-up bracelet.  Creativity is encouraged for your outfit selection, I opted for a neon yellow Nike shirt, crazy neon piano high socks, neon running shoes and of course tons on glow-stick accessories.

            Before the race, there are a ton of activities to take part in, there is a DJ booth playing upbeat techno music, photo booth with the Electric Run logo, giveaways from Rockstar energy drinks and opportunities to buy more glow accessories and Electric Run merchandise. It’s a party before you even begin.  The actual course is set up in different scenes which enhance the experience. Electric Run describes it as their “world” and these worlds include: the start line, Electro Rainforest, Neffmau5 Land, Rainbow Road, Delta Station, Pillar Party, Electric Avenue, the Powerhouse and the Finish Line Celebration.  My favorite course was Neffmau5 Land which reminded me of a techno enchanted forest. The crazy thing about Electric Run is I was so caught up in the whole experience, the lights, the music, I didn’t realize I was overcoming one of my fears.  I actually ran in this race, I kept to my own pace and didn’t realize it until halfway through. At the end there is a huge celebration, like a full-out dance party. The Electric Run spokesperson “Stickman” dances on stage while the girls on stage throw out more glow sticks out to the crowd. The party continues for a good two additional hours. Electric Run was my first 5k and I am so glad I decided to step out my comfort zone and be a part of it. If Electric Run happens to come to your area and you like to have fun, dance, and keep in shape at the same time, I encourage you to register. Check out their website  to see where they are next.