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Hey Hott Mama!

Oct 04, 2013 03:39PM

Courtney Hurley- & FIT Aphrodite Board of Expert

By Courtney Hurley

Lets face it moms, between the bottle feeding, changing diapers, and running from sport to sport we forget that we to need to take time out for self love too! With a lack of time in today’s busy life style time management is everything! I myself being a single mommy of an active little 2 year old and business owner of three businesses have had to learn all about the crunch time in going from frumpy to fabulous in these 10 short easy tips!

1.Eyelash Extensions – Eyelash extensions are an inexpensive way to wake up looking beautiful and ready to go – no mascara is needed on the extensions and they last up to 3 weeks with little to no maintenance in between.

2. Leg Sheen Spray – M.A.C. Leg Sheen Spray is a 5 minute application to a healthy, glowing, NON ORANGE tan! Simply use Kabooke brush or sponge and apply for a flawless and streakless glow!

3. Concealer Tip of the day – Always use concealer which is 2 shades lighter then your foundation! This will create your eyes to look rested and relaxed (even after getting 2 hours of sleep the previous night.)

4. Wash your face – No matter how tired you are before bed RINSE THAT FACE!!!!! Every night you sleep in your make up you are aging your skin by 14 days.

5. Contour – Do you ever wonder why models have such amazing bone structure? It is all about the contouring. Below is a face short where you should contour your bone structure to get the sexiest facial features to really pop.

6. Never use pinks underneath your eye – Pink eyeshadow placed underneath your water line will make you appear to be sleepy and zombie like. Instead try white, brown, or black for a sexy pop that will have everyone looking twice!

7. Beach Bomb Hair – Place your hair in two braids at night when the hair is still wet and spray with Freeze Spray by Got 2 B and wake up with a beachy sultry look that will last all day!

8. Soak up the Sun – Take your kids out to play for 20 minutes each day and soak up some vitamin D, the stress of life can often really wear down on our bodies and vitamin D is a great source for mommies-to-be to be healthy and happy inside and out!

9. Lip Gloss and Powder – Not a big makeup fan? That’s ok! You can cut your getting ready in the morning down to 10 minutes by applying some all over foundation/pressed powder, a little bronzer for contouring and a natural pink or peach gloss to make those lips say GOOD MORNING!

10. Water – Our skin needs water to be happy and healthy! Make sure you are drinking at least 8 glasses a day to prevent break outs or uneven pigment in the facial tissue.

A happy mom creates healthy children! Here’s to making the world beautiful one face at a time!