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Fitness After Pregnancy; Finding the Time and Motivation

Sep 30, 2013 08:35AM


by Melissa Blosser

Before I had children finding time to train was easy. Like any other woman without children I could come and go as I pleased. I could even fit a run in before and after work. It wasn’t really something I had to schedule.

Then I got pregnant, and I watched the horrific look on several people’s faces as I ran through six months of my pregnancy. My biggest fear wasn’t child birth, but not being able to run for another three months. How long would it take me to get back where I was, if I ever did, or could? After I was too big to run I bought every work out DVD for PREGOS known and I walked.

Having a child has forever changed my life in ways all mothers don’t know are possible until you have a child. I struggled the first three months, battling with fatigue, loose joints, and breastfeeding. I craved getting back in the game. My motherly guilt set in every time I left my little guy to go on a run. What a terrible mother I am for leaving my baby and for wanting to escape motherhood.

Then I realized, running made me a better mom. Cruising down the road, iPod in hand gave me peace. It gave me that time to re-group, think about my upcoming goals and make conscious decisions to accomplish them. When I got home there was never a time where I wasn’t happy to see my son.

Exercise after a baby can be difficult, but here are my tips to stay on track:

Get some videos you can do at home

Particularly  ones that focus on building back core muscles are great.  That area has just been through a marathon and needs time to rebuild and stabilize. I like Tracy Anderson’s

Get out with the baby in the stroller.

You need fresh air girl.  Either go solo or enlist in a group of other moms.  Walk up hills or jog.  After a short jog do lunges with the stroller.  This will allow for some girl talk and you can all talk about your babies or your experiences.

Get someone to watch to baby at least one to week so you can fly solo

Use this time to hit some hard cardio or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) when you are ready. If you really want to shed baby weight you are going to have to put in some serious high intensity cardio sessions.  Think about hiring a trainer to keep you motivated and keep you on track.  If you are planning to eventually go back to work, this is good practice for time away from the baby.  It might be hard at first but you will feel like a new woman when you are done, and you can kick the sweatpants habit.

Taking time out for yourself and being healthy makes you a better mom, so lose the guilt and get back on track.  Your kids will thank you when they are older and you can still out run them.