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Lululemon's New Sports Bra; The Bracer

Sep 17, 2013 08:33AM




The Bracer

by Melissa Blosser

Finding a sports bra that provides support, comfort and sex appeal can be difficult.  Many of us have had our fair share of fights with tight spandex materials creating nothing but a uniboob and chest resembling that of an eight year old boy. Say farewell to the uniboob with Lululemon athletica’s new Itty, Bitty and Booby bracers.

The bracer line offers a new level of support and is designed for high impact sports and long distance running.  The bras come in three different sizes the itty bracer for A-cup girls, the bitty bracer for B-C cups and the booby bracer for sizes D-E cups.

Lululemon states the secret is in their new technology which uses encapsulation; by separating your breasts so it’s easier to support them.  Separation eliminates the uniboob and turns your breasts into two single masses making them much easier to support.

The bracer fits like a traditional sports bra, tight but don’t be fooled because the fit will relax a little once your body heats up. The bra comes with customized comfort allowing for a secure fit with padded adjustable straps and hook-and-eye closures.

So whether you are a member of the itty bitty club or your bust is busting out, it appears Lululemon has created a fit that will allow for any woman to sweat in comfort and style.  The bracer family can be viewed at