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What makes a woman irresistible?

It's not always about how much you workout, or how disciplined you are on eating the exact amounts of macronutrients or the expensive clothes you wear or even the car you drive! It's not about how perfect your hair looks or how perfect your makeup is, the type of job you have,  or how many miles you've run! You don't always have to be doing, planning and creating to be  Miss Perfect and to be completely irresistible. What matters the most is what's inside and how others see you and how you truly feel about yourself that makes you so irresistible.


So.........We asked our editorial staff and Board of Experts on what they thought made a woman irresistible? And here are some of their responses!


Geneviève Germaine Dubois (GiGi)

Professional Celebrity Eater at,


Beauty: A woman who can walk out the door sans makeup.

A woman who helps others.

A woman who sees the glass as half full.

 Business: A woman who can stand her ground to accomplish her aspirations.

A woman who is determined to get what she wants.

A woman who is punctual. NEVER LATE!

 Fitness: A woman who can challenge the beef cake men in the gym and make them sweat.

A woman who suggests an evening walk or run as opposed to happy hour.

Spirituality: A woman who takes a minute to appreciate all the love and support she is surrounded by.

A woman who is not afraid to speak her mind, even if she says something "stupid".

A woman who owns all of her actions.

Health: A woman who never gets sick thanks to her clean diet, fitness regime, sleep schedule and social calendar!

A woman who is not afraid to tell her doctor about ALL her complaints and problems.


Stay tuned for our next, "What makes a woman Irresistible" and follow Gigi on all of her adventures as she tracks down celebrities diet disasters and fads!




Iris Wang- Aphrodite Fashion Guru

Beauty- Effortlessly Irresistible Hair and Makeup

Business- Brains, Beauty and Class in the office

Fitness- Muscles not Bones

Fashion- Irresistible Sales (Dress Like a Million bucks with just $50 bucks)

Spirituality- Secret to Happiness that makes you Irresistible to anyone and everyone

Love- Irresistibly Independent (With and Without a Man)

Mothering- Irresistible healthy treats to make you and your child the most popular family on the block.

"Patience- The most amazing thing about women is their ability to deal with men."