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Why the Raw Food Diet is So Great

Jul 15, 2013 09:34AM

Strawberry Peach Avocado Salad

Why the Raw Food Diet is So Great

by Lindzie St. Martin


Oh yes, you read it right -- Raw Food Diet!  If you haven't heard of this one yet, you're going to want to keep reading.  Raw foodism, also called rawism, is a diet primarily consisting of uncooked and unprocessed foods, and an excellent philosophy to live by if you are a particularly health conscious person, and would like to take your nutrition to the next level.  Raw food sources are most often organic, and this type of diet often parallels with the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, although not all raw foodies strictly live on a plant based diet.  You could certainly apply the raw concepts to your life, and still enjoy fish (such as sashimi), dairy products that have not been homogenized or pasteurized, and even some meats.  The primary purpose for this type of diet is for those seeking optimal health by receiving the beneficial bacteria, micro-organisms, and enzymes that raw foods offer to aid in digestion, and have a positive impact on the immune system, while offering antioxidant qualities.  This approach to eating is not a new fad diet, and was actually developed as a dietary health treatment by a doctor in the late 1800's.  He created the first muesli as a convenient raw food breakfast for his patients.  Muesli is just one of the many quick and easy meals that can get you started on your raw food quest for optimal health.

I recently wrote an article about veganism, which brought me to quite a bit of discovery on raw foodism while doing a lot of my research.  Quite curious about it myself, and definitely intrigued by this way of living and eating, I found it would be beneficial to get in contact with someone who is living this lifestyle successfully.  I reached out to Dr. Anastasia Halldin, who has a Ph.D in holistic nutrition and a raw food expert, and I asked her to share more about it from her professional standpoint.

Strawberry Peach Avocado Salad by Healthy Mama

Why is the raw food diet so great?

Raw nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, which constitute the bulk of a raw food diet, are vibrantly rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.  All of these are easily destroyed by the cooking process.  Raw diet supplies you with nutrient-rich foods, which in turn, supply you with more energy.  A lot of disease is caused by the Standard American diet, which is rich in processed foods, sugar, and calories.  Raw diet is the exact opposite of that.  It includes no refined sugars and no processed foods -- it is pure and natural!

Contrary to what most people think, a raw diet is not all celery and avocado.  Almost all of your favorite dishes can be made raw.  Lasagna, chocolate mousse, and even crackers and French fries can be made with raw ingredients.  So, raw diet does not mean deprivation.

Someone should definitely consider the raw lifestyle to lose weight, to feel more energized  and to get rid of a large spectrum of diseases (consult with your doctor first).  Raw diet, if done the right way, can help with many issues, ranging from acne to cancer.


Raw Manicotti by Healthy Mama


Dr. Halldin definitely gave me a little more insight, and I realized just how easy applying this concept to my own life would actually be.  If you're also ready to take your own nutrition to the next level, and you're interested in going raw, be sure to do your homework.  You could even consider the partial approach recommended by Leslie Kenton, in her book "Raw Energy - Eat Your Way to Radiant Health", where she talks about adding raw foods into 75% of your diet to prevent degenerative diseases, which seems like a reasonable approach to get started.  Most importantly, find out for yourself how to apply raw foodism to your lifestyle the right way, while getting adequate nutrition by keeping your diet well balanced with a variety of the best foods.  I'm pretty certain you don't want to just go out and start eating raw meats and eggs without knowing how to do it safely.  There are several books, such as "Raw Food Diet For Beginners", and many more cookbooks to help you get started.  You'll also learn about the wonders of living foods by sprouting your own grains and seeds.  Discover the best and easiest raw recipes from informative sites like Anastasia's "Healthy Mama Info".  And you can enjoy some of Alison Andrew's tips at "Loving it Raw".  Before you know it, you'll be giving your blender a regular workout, and you just might find yourself with a new food dehydrator of your own.  You'll be finding more energy, preventing disease, and be on a path toward optimal health, ultimately finding out for yourself, why incorporating more raw foods in your diet is so great!

Raw Chocolate Sauce by Healthy Mama