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Color me Up! by Larissa Thornton

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Beige, brown, fair skin, olive tones, red undertones, are just some of the categories some of us fall into when it comes to make-up. However what do you do when you find yourself in more than one of these? When you are a mixed individual and it’s not so simple to find what works for you. All skin tones are not created equal so if you find yourself like many,we have found brands that work well.

The Good, the OK and the Ugly

The Good

Bare Minerals- Bare Minerals have a great starter kit which includes fair, light, medium, dark, and deep. Their site includes a self assessment and guide to help you create which foundation works best for your skin type. The starter kit gives you TWO foundation shades in case one does not fit your skin tone, or to alternate with the seasons when you tan or winter months when your skin becomes paler.  Lipcolor blushes and eye shadows are very unique and cover a range of colors that flatter different skin colours. Their color combinations are perfectly matched for everyday wear to a night on the town.











Becca Cosmetics

On Becca’s website it is stated that their cosmetics are created to be layered, mixed and blended. These combinations make a great foundation for women who have trouble narrowing down to one foundation. The shimmer eye shadow is fan favorite which really brings out eye colors from brown to green. 





















The OK

MAC- MAC has great assortment of foundations that range in a variety colors. These foundations can also be blended to create the perfect skin match. MAC consultants are also available to help assist and provide tutorials for all their products. However some complaints have been MAC makeup is too thick and creates more a mask feeling. MAC eye colors carry the brand along with the lip color. MAC carries a wide selection of vibrant and rich colors. Their eye shadow is highly pigmented and applies evenly. 

















The Ugly

Covergirl- everything is not so easy breezy Ms. Covergirl. While Covergirl tried to reach out and create such lines as the Queen with endorsement with Queen Latifah; they never figured out the source of their problem, the undertones. They have been found to have too much red or warm undertones which creates a more pinkish or orange appearance. The other products such as blush and eye shadow are a little better however seems to not last the day and needs to be reapplied more. 






















Rimmel-  Rimmel only really has 3 different foundation colors which does not work at all. They also have the problem with the orange undertones which make your face look more like a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Their eye makeup is very chalky and smears  very easily. This make-up appears also cakey and does not apply smooth. It is fine if your day job is at Ringling Bros but most of us do not work for a circus.