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K.I. S. S. : KEEP IT SIMPLE SEXXY- Sexy Summer Beauty Tips by Aphrodite Board of Expert and MTV Makeup Artist- Courtney Hurley

May 13, 2013 10:27PM

Courtney Hurley


All the rant and rave I am hearing lately is beach bodies, tan, and how to avoid the streaky mascara as we go straight from cold to HOT this season! I have gathered together some of the best beauty tips I have researched to keep you sizzling and sexy this summer season!

– Courtney Hurley Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist


Make your life easier! Reduce the number of steps in your beauty routine by using a moisturizer that has a SPF in it of at least 15. To battle summer frizz, you can use a serum or thickening spray with a round brush and blow dry them out to avoid the dreadful frizz heat! Protect those locks of love! Deep condition it about once a week. For girls with straight hair to get messy waves, start by adding a texturizing spray/beach spray then twist the hair on both sides until mostly dry. Touch up by using a 1″ curling iron or a wand. Before applying lipstick, I dab concealer on the lips to create a canvas for the lip color. If you want to make a powder eyeshadow last in warm weather, an eyeshadow primer or base is essential, especially if you’re already prone to oily lids and creasing. My absolute favorite product for this is M.A.C. Paint Pot in Painterly. It goes great on any skin tone or color and is easy to apply! Always keep your summer makeup minimal. Minimal and sheer makeup is the way to go when it’s hot and muggy outside. Neon ombre nails…..Now were getting creative! For girls with curly or frizzy hair – Shower put in product like morrocan oil and pull back in tight bun with out pony tail just bobby pins. When your hair naturally drys you will have sexy volume waves with out the hassle of a blow dryer. Use conditioner instead of shaving cream. A leave in conditioner will help your hair from the harsh chemicals of a pool and the chlorine. Keeping a powder with you is a MUST for summer sweats and oily oopsies. Wide brim hats help protect not only your face from the harsh rays of the sun, but also your hair. Contour while making a “fishy face” to make those cheekbones pop and your face look slimmer. Bothered by bugs? Try some lavender oil to rid the pain. Put some color into your pout with a bold pink or coral lipstick! Coral is so in this season! Bothered by blemishes on your feet? Try soaking in an Epson Salt Foot Bath! Run an anti-bacterial wipe along your forehead to prevent pimples from the increased oils that get trapped underneath hats and headbands. Soak those eyes in some cucumber for a glowing summer look. Air dry your hair every so often to protect it from the heat of your hairdryer. Step out of the norm and try out a colored eyeliner! Turqoise, Brown, Gold!!! Apply your bronzer in a heart shape around your face; starting at your forehead and working to your cheeks. This helps give definition and blends into a natural looking glow. Coconut Oil is wonderful for moisturizing and acting as a body butter! I just pop mine in the microwave for about 15 seconds apply to my whole body after every shower and it last and gives me a glow for the entire day! Eat almonds, red and orange bell peppers, and Greek yogurt to not only help your figure, but to purify your skin!


Before jumping in for your airbrush or spray tan make sure you have Shower, Shaved, and Exfoliated. Go ahead! Go barefoot! Did you know that sand is a natural exfoliator to our feet? Beauty starts on the inside! Drink plenty of water, your whole body will thank you. To keep your makeup from running during hot days, stick to using waterproof as much as you can. Lash extensions are ”pretty much maintenance free, unless you’re going to be doing some serious swimming,” There natural, simple and a sexy way to throw some bronzer on and run out the door! Take Biotin and Fish Oil Daily. Try mashing up papaya and apply to skin for 3 minutes. This summertime fruit has enzymes that get rid of pore-clogging dead skin cells.