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Aphrodite March "Le Divine"

Apr 08, 2013 02:10PM

March Cover

"Le Divin" celebrates the beauty of Food Styling combined with the majestic curves of the Female Body. This fashion story and  videos showcases the food styling and vision of Dan Shirley in themes of Desert, Sushi, Fruits, Vegetables and more, with each being accentuated with body paint, makeup, nails, and jewelry.

Presented to you by Aphrodite

View the Behind the Scenes of the Photo/Video Shoot Here:

"Le Divin" Video Shoot:


Leslie McCarroll- Creative Dir. and Co-Founder

Models: Chelsea Marie Heather Marie Charline Bennett Savannah Shutz

Dan Shirley- Owner of Gourmet To Go & Food Artist -

Tyler Bourns- Video Director, DP and Editor -

Lance Puckett- Lighting/Camera Assistant

Vic Crulich- Photographer/

Becca Ewart- Photographer/

Michelle Paulsen- Nails/Jeweler 

Chanelle Sisia- Makeup Artist

Lynzie Ruecker- Bodypaint Artist

Jeanne Tannone- Chief Stylist

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