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Embracing Your Body

Mar 31, 2013 02:17PM

Embracing Your Body

By Larissa Thornton


I used to be “that” girl”. I used to be the girl who could walk in the juniors’ section and go to the rack and select what I saw in a magazine the day before. I used to be the girl who could live off French fries, pizza and wash it down with an extra creamy milkshake. I had a lean figure with accentuating curves that caught attention when I walked by and I loved it. I loved my options of not worrying about the stores carrying my size because size 5’s and 7’s were always on the rack. Then reality set in, and I became another person I became a woman. I became the woman who hips spread a little wider, who thighs began to create friction when I walked and who felt uncomfortable even thinking about heading to the mall. I began to lose that feeling of self-confidence that I carried around for 30 years. The confidence that used to bring me to the mirror several times a day, made me cringe thinking about it. However I realized this is not going to be my reality. This body that had changed was not going to be mine; in fact both bodies I had carried were not mine. I was going to create a new one, one that reflected who I actually was. One that embraced what was given and inherited but controlled by me.  I decided that the time for hiding me was over and I was going to be proud of what I am destined to become. I decided while I cannot live in the past of how I looked before, I will not sit and accept what I was becoming. I decided to embrace my body but look for improvement. I began to not worry what others thought about my body but what I wanted for it. Exercise became my new friend and eating smart and healthy became my passion. Right now I am still on my journey however I feel confident again when I look in the mirror, not because of what I see but what I feel. That confidence is what is pushing me to learn to love myself more than I ever did in the past. Once you stop picking out your flaws and start loving yourself; inside and out the rest is easy.