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The Trainer Who Changed My Life!

Mar 28, 2013 09:22PM

John Caylor and Lindzie St.Martin

The Trainer Who Changed My Life!

by Lindzie St. Martin


From the first moment I talked with John Caylor, I knew he was the right personal trainer for me.  He immediately had a game plan, and connected with that person in me who truly wanted to commit to making a change.  The very first workout we did together was a "boot camp" in my backyard, and we laughed the whole time.  From then on, he was able to push me beyond my limits, yet keep me reminded that the power was right there within me the whole time.  In a short period of working together, I had decided to do my very first physique competition, and I trusted that he was the trainer to help me do it.  I entered the "bikini division", and in just nine weeks, John helped me transform my body like never before.  He trained me well, and with his firm tone and encouraging words, even at times when I thought I couldn't possibly keep going, he could still somehow get me to do "five more" reps.  Over the course of training with him, I was able to lose fat from areas of my body that I've spent my whole life struggling to target, and change my body from skinny and flabby to toned and strong.

John has continued to remind me that I can do anything I set my mind to -- something I had forgotten over the course of my adult life.  He has encouraged me to face my fears and go after my dreams.  He has helped me evolve into someone I knew I wanted to become on more levels than just fitness, and reminds me to keep a positive attitude through the journey.  John has not only taught me how to train and eat right, but also how to push myself in a way that has actually gotten me the results.  John is not just a trainer -- he is an absolute motivator!  He manages to make you WANT to be accountable... to yourself, your training, and your nutrition plan.  And, I love that he always knows how to be encouraging without being intimidating, while he pushes you beyond your limits.  I have come across many people who've spent hundreds of dollars on trainers and classes, and don't really get any major results.  I've had great trainers over the years myself who were able to show me excellent workouts, but not take my will and determination to the level that John can.  I always recommend him to anyone who is serious about a new approach to fitness, and ready to get results!  John Caylor is the best in my eyes because he is, indeed -- the trainer who changed my life!


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