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Internal Battle, External Results

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Internal Battle, External Results

by Craig Nielson

Certified Professional Life Coach


Why is weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight an internal battle? This is the time of year when many fall off their New Year's resolution to get in shape despite their best intentions.  It is important to understand that an outer transformation requires an equal inner transformation.  Here are a few tips to transform yourself from the inside out:


Develop a positive inner dialogue


The way you talk to yourself has a tremendous impact on your drive to get fit.  Say you are overweight and having the body you want seems impossible.  You instantly talk yourself out of even going for it by thinking you can't achieve it so why bother.  The truth is, the only limitation you have is self imposed.


Be wary of your inner critic, the little voice in your head that tells you, you can't, you'll never, you're not strong enough, you're not pretty enough, you're not good enough etc.  The only danger in having these thoughts is you believing them.  When you have them, instantly discount them as lies.  Because that is exactly what they are, lies.  Fill your inner dialogue with positive, affirming messages such as: I can, I will, I chose to, I am willing to, I am always greater than I think.  Pay attention to how you feel about what you tell yourself.  You can feel the difference between I have to verses I chose to.  Try it.


Consider why you want it


Creating desire to become physically fit is key.  Consider why you want it.  When wanting to get in shape is based on external factors such as getting more attention, wanting to impress others, or wanting to make your ex jealous etc., your motivation will eventually erode.  Why?  Because external factors are beyond your control.  Create desire for wanting to get in shape for you.  Consider the benefits you will gain as a result of hard work at the gym.  You will feel better, you will have more energy, you will like what you see in your results, and you will feel accomplished.  Most important of deserve it.


Chose to eat well


Diets seldom work for achieving lasting results.  The reason for this is that dieting requires you restrict yourself from something you want.  It also creates a fear based relationship with food and you  begin to think things like I can't eat those fries, or I can't eat that cake, because if I do, I'll gain weight.  Develop a relationship with food that serves you.  Think of food as simply that which nourishes your body.  Food is the fuel that gives your body strength.  Then you will be able to think I really don't want those fries, and I really don't want that cake now because they don't serve me in accomplishing my goals.  Instead I will chose to eat well.


Use these tips to help you create a mindset for success.  However, is you find yourself unable to uproot your destructive thought patterns, consider getting professional help.  Life is too short for you not to have the life and body you desire most.  Get on track and get in shape.  Here's to living your life rockin on the inside and rockin on the outside.