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Breaking All the Rules-You're never too old

Never Too Old

Breaking All the Rules-You're never too old

By Susan Thorn


Seriously? Think about it. When it comes to life, real everyday life, there are very few non-negotiable rules.  Except for the getting older and the dying, it's all negotiable. While getting older is non-negotiable you have within you the power to control of HOW you do it. Here are 4 strategies that, once mastered, will provide all the power you need to continually break the all the rules and live a life of "Never too old!"


Strategy #1-Commit to the challenge of Self-Expansion! Come on, challenge yourself! Challenge yourself to develop some good healthy relationships as you go through life! There is a fairly new body of evidence called the "self-expansion" model. According to Wikipedia the self-expansion model is built on two key principles. The first is that humans have a primary motivation to self-expand. The second principle is that individuals often achieve self-expansion through close relationships with others that allow for the inclusion of the other in the self. These positive relationships can be a spouse, a sibling, the encouragement of friends, spiritual connections, or a life coach! Each of us needs to put strong, healthy, meaningful relationship at the forefront of our daily lives. They keep us healthy and young!


Strategy #2-Dig deep and find the answers-Throughout life some of your most frustrating times will be spent in self-imposed rules and limits. You set the tone! Life can be a complicated and unrewarding journey, or it can be a happy jaunt to our chosen and every changing destination. Sometimes the answers seem to come so easily, other times not so much. If nothing is going right, what you need is some help in deciding what it is you want out of life.  What is it you need? What we need is to want to seek out the right answers bad enough to make our lives what we want them to be. Dig deep! The answers are there!


Strategy #3-Ditch reactivity for PRO-activity! Being proactive in you life is about boldly looking at your options and choices. Being reactive is about unconsciously sliding through life by the seat of your pants and hoping it all works out. Bad decisions in the past? Welcome to your life. We have all made less than perfect choices. The key to ?


Strategy #4- Feed your soul when there is down time! Life is going to have periods that are quiet and not much is going on. Enjoy them and use them! Downtime is the perfect time for meaningful reflection. That is the time to do some mind-mapping.  ( Down time is the perfect time to re-align who you are with where you are going. What you wanted last year, 5 years ago, 10 years ago changes. Downtime can be a time when people fall into the trench of boredom. Here are some harsh words for you: Only boring people get bored! Boredom should be treated like a growling belly after a 12 hour fast- FEED IT! Boredom is your soul craving a good life. (When all else fails here refer back to tips #1, #2, and #3!)


So there you have it! Not feeling motivated? Don't worry, the motivation and confidence will come only after you have put in some effort in and done something you thought couldn't do before. The only thing making you old and holding you back is what you think you cannot do. What will do today that you have never done before?