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Transformation Story: Kerri Baker

Mar 03, 2013 03:32PM

Kerri BAker Transformation


Kerri Baker

 Age: 36

Height: 5'9"

Current weight: 140

Dress size: 2-4

Started training Regiment 3 years ago

Original weight 239

Original Dress Size 18

Q.How long did the transformation take?
A. A  few years
Q.What were your original eating habits?
A. I used to eat whatever I wanted - I told myself at the time that I loved myself the way I was - but that was a copout - I was too lazy to make a change.  After a medical scare related to my weight a few years ago, I decided to change my entire life.  At the time I ate a lot of fast food, loved salty carbs, and it wasn't unusual to eat a frozen pizza with ranch for dinner.
Q. What was your original workout, if any? A. I had none - lifting the fork to my mouth was the only exercise I ever had.
Q. How did your original weight make you feel? I was ashamed - but totally confused at the same time - I didn't understand how some women could be so fit - I always felt they were lucky."  I was embarrassed and intimidated to set foot in the gym.  I was also incredibly moody and depressed which I now know was a result of poor diet and blood sugar swings.
Q. What made you want to change? A.  At my annual physical, my doctor informed me that I was on track to become diabetic - I was terrified.  I had to do something.  I was so ashamed of how I had let my body go - I was completely out of control and I hated it.
Q. What was your driving motivation? A. My health - my future - I was soooo tired of being miserable and embarrassed of myself.  I would read fitness magazines, and see a fitness model and think, 'wow she must feel SO good - I WISH I had the discipline to do the same!"  What I didn't realize at the time was that I ALREADY had all the discipline - everything we need to achieve ALL of our goals already exists within us - we just have to find it. I just didn't know that yet. 
Q. What made you feel sexy? A. Absolutely nothing.  I even hid my body from my then boyfriend.  I have very few photos of myself during these years also - I ran every time I saw a camera.  I also remember whenever I saw a mirror, I'd look away because I knew if I saw myself, it would ruin my day.
Q.What did you do to lose weight? A .I hired a trainer.  I read every book ever written about clean eating. I sought out every possible source of motivation I could.  I even completely changed my social circle - I had some toxic friends in  my life, one who even told me she felt sad for me that I was 'dieting' (really I wasn't, I was changing my life).  I started over.  Learned the value of the power of the law of attraction and realized that my thoughts were what predicted my life - so I  kept them positive.  I even cut out magazine clips of women I admired, fit women, and hung it on a collage in my bathroom - you get what you visualize and think about, so I kept my thoughts and energy focused on my goal.
Q.How did that make you feel? A. Incredible - I walked around like I was a fitness model even when I was still 50 pounds overweight.  It's all your mind - change your mindset, and your body (and reality) will eventually align.  Our thoughts are very, very powerful.  Once I figured that out, I was unstoppable.
Q.Who helped you? A. My trainer - she was the first one who taught me about eating clean and how to pick up a weight.  :)
 Q. Who sabotaged you? A. My old best friend - who felt sorry for me because she felt I wasn't social.  I WAS still social, just at the gym instead of happy hours at bars.  I let her go and  moved on.  It was hard, but deep cleaning my social circle was probably one of the best things I've ever done.
Q. What was the hardest thing about this process?  Was it easier than you  thought?
A. Being patient.  I wanted it ALL right away.  It took me a good 3 years to find balance and figure out how to make a clean lifestyle work for the rest of my life - I didn't want a 'diet.'  I have learned so much about my body, but it didn't happen overnight.  Patience has always been my weak spot!
 Q. What are your current eating habits? A. I eat every 3 hours.  I eat a green veggie, a lean protein, and a complex carb, all throughout the day.  I compete in fitness competitions and I still refuse to cut out any one nutrient - I've found my body thrives with keeping a nice balanced plan year round.  I also prep out my food ahead of times - often for an entire month!  I have a deep freezer of bbq'd chicken breasts, frozen already cooked sweet potatoes, and more. If you make it really easy for yourself to stick to a plan by taking the time to prepare, it really is a no brainer.
Q.What was your original workout? A. I didn't use to work out at all....but started lifting weights 3 times a week and doing interval cardio 3-4 times for 30-45 minutes a day.
Q.How does your size make you feel? A. Comfortable. Happy!  I have more energy, I don't have the blood sugar mood swings anymore, and shopping for clothes results in smiles instead of tears now.  I was a chubby child, so I have horrific memories of back to school shopping  as a pre teen and feeling soooooo down.  Now I celebrate it.
Q.How do people react to the new you? A. At first, I found people weren't all that positive if they didn't know me - but then I remembered how I used to feel about fit women when I saw them at the gym.....people are generally very supportive, they know I work hard, and once they get to know me and hear my story they seem to understand.  I've worked hard - I feel great - and I love sharing my story with other people, even if it's just a healthy recipe, if i can help anyone, that gets me going.  I am all about sharing my story with anyone I think it can help - I keep a facebook page now where I post clean recipes, workout tips, and anything I found that helped me when I was on my journey.  I find if you connect with like minded people and surround yourself with motivation, you'll stay right on track.
Q. What is your driving motivation to keep this size? A. It's actually not about size for me - it's about how I feel.  I remember how I used to feel angry, sluggish, irritable....from my diet.  Remembering how tough it is to feel that way all the time is motivation enough to keep me moving forward.
Q.What makes you feel sexy? A. Being the only chick in the weight room, or hopping on a machine right after a guy is finishing up and having him offer to remove a plate and going, "nah I'm good"  LOL
Q.What do you miss? A. Absolutely nothing.  I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
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