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Foods! From the Kitchen to the Bedroom

Feb 12, 2013 10:20PM

Chelsea MarieDan Shirley- Gourmet To Go

By Dan Shirley

Owner and Chef of Gourmet to Go

Model: Chelsea Marie

MUA: Chanelle Sisia

Body Paint: Lynzie Reucker

Jeweler: Michelle Paulsen

The best way to use food to increase sexual arousal and intimacy is to

set aside a date night that both you and your lover can cook a meal together that will take you both from the kitchen to your bedroom. Great cooks say,  "The best food is made with love."  So captivate your loved one with sensual foods and flavors that can be shared with one person or both by cutting veggies, fruit and other ingredients and cook together. Dan Shirley, owner of Gourmet To Go has put together a few great aphrodisiacs and ideas to get you cooking in the bedroom!

And if you didn't know the definition of an aphrodisiac: a substance that increases sexual desire. The name comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexuality and love. We must be onto something here at Aphrodite!

1.Try to pick out recipes that you both like and push it to the edge by experimenting with new foods and prepare new dishes together.
2. If needed take a great cooking class together and make that a date night as well. There is nothing more fun than to learn how to cook something and trying it yourself and with your  lover.
3. Select foods that are  of varying textures and tastes. To enhance intimacy... select foods that can be finger fed to each other as well. Don't worry about any drips! You can lick them off your lover!
4. Increase the sensual experience even more by having a romantic table set with candles in a your bedroom who says you always have to eat at the table? and whats more romantic than breakfast in bed after a night of passion!
Here are some foods that taste great and have been known to be aphrodisiacs and will also enhance your recipe collection as well as your sexual appetite :
Veggies-carrots,cucumbers,onions,asparagus,artichokes,radishes,celery,tomatoes, parsnips,truffles,mushrooms,cabbage,potatoes.
Nuts- -pine nuts,pistachios,coconuts,chestnuts,walnuts,almonds.
Herbs and spicescinnamon,basil,sage,mint,nutmeg,fennel,vanilla,rosemary,cloves
Seafood- Oysters of course!
As you enjoy your  romantic evening and create this special night, you might try to find a good bottle of wine that will loosen you both up and make your lover (and you!) more relaxed. Try to pair the wine with foods that go together.  As a chef, I suggest buying a wine book and educating yourself and your lover on the wines that pair well together with certain foods. It might seem a bit intimidating at first  but with a little research you can surprise yourself and  create dishes using wine sauces that are in your recipes as well as drinking the same wine. Want some cheese to go with that wine? Wine and cheese petite plates with crackers are a very intimate way to share food and also go hand in hand together. 
So open up a bottle du vin, undo a few buttons, lighten up and get saucy from your kitchen to your bedroom!
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Happy Valentine's Day from the Staff of Aphrodite! <3