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Nothing Says "I love YOU" more than Chocolate and Strawberries!

Feb 12, 2013 10:08PM

Photo by Vic Crulich

By Dan Shirley

Gourmet Chef and Owner of Gourmet To Go

Model: Chelsea Marie

MUA: Chanelle Sisia

Body Paint: Lynzie Reucker

Here are some fruits that have been known to be a aphrodisiacs and are great for skinny dipping in chocolate! Bring on the dopamine! : mangoes,pomegranates,peaches,strawberries,avocados,guavas,passion fruit,dates,figs and bananas! For Valentine's Day, what could be more romantic than dipping fruits and strawberries into a shared pot of white or dark chocolate fondue? Using food to spark your sexual appetite is a creative and fun way to share a intimate evening together and it's  not just for Valentines Day.  By choosing certain fruits  and cutting them into little wedges you can discover a creative way to share a great  healthy plate of fruits together with your loved one. Create intimacy,  stay healthy, and indulge in some of the foods that we sometimes overlook on the a daily basis. Take an ordinary strawberry and cut in half you will see a heart shape texture and visual appeal which can create a great conversation to just say,  "I love you ! .....<3

 So grab your lover, grab a bottle of  bubbly and shut off your iPOD, iPAD, iPHONE, TV, lock the doors, find a baby sitter and call in sick on Friday! Go ahead! We'll excuse you and write your boss a note!  Btw...Sex burns close to 300 calories per hour! Bon Appetite! 

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