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Rachel Greninger Transformation Story

Nov 11, 2012 07:13PM

Rachel Greninger Transformation

Rachel Greninger
  Current Age : 26
    Height   5ft. 7in
    Current Weight   140
    Dress Size   6
    Started Training Regiment (Date)  Sept. 2010
    Original Weight   210
    Original Dress Size   16
How long did the transformation take? 
  8 Months (But continuing to tone and lose inches )
    What were your original Eating habits?
    Anything really. I would eat fast food 5 times a week. Sugared pop, and I would eat until I was completely full. I would also eat what sounded good, and ate only based on flavor and craving.
    What was your original work out regiment, if any?
    How did your original weight make you feel?
    I didn't (and still don't) own a scale, but the way I felt in my own skin was uncomfortable. I couldn't dress in anything that made me feel "fat" which was most of my wardrobe. Because nothing didn't fit anymore.
    What made you want to change?
    I was filming a movie and I was playing a detective. While getting our wardrobes put together I had to wear a size 16 pant. I was mortified! I had no idea that I had let myself get to that. I chose to stop ignoring it, and start making small changes. Changes I could commit to and stick with.
    What was your driving motivation?
    To get rid of those terrible size 16 pants!! And also because in the industry I wanted to pursue I had to be either a plus sized model or a regular model. Plus sized was size 20 and regular was 6. So I could either GAIN weight or lose it to pursue my passion. I chose to lose it. Because at least then I would feel confident in ANYTHING I chose to wear.
    What made you feel sexy?
    The first time I tried on shorts while I was doing product education at my job, at the time. I friend said, "Rach why don't you wear shorts!? You look great in them!" I was so shocked! I was never able to wear shorts! AND I didn't know what size anything to buy! I had been buying clothes too big and didn't realize it!
    What did you do to lose weight?
    I made a choice that I would not eat based on what only "tasted good". Or what I craved. I had a friend who lost a lot of weight , when I asked him about what he did, he told me that he eats what is good for him. That food is fuel for the body. So to pick foods that help run it. And choose those things every day. It inspired me to shift my mental focus. Then it was a lot of chicken and brown rice. Protein shakes between meals, and doing Insanity at home. And doing little things every day to burn calories. Also every time I was hungry I asked myself; "are you REALLY hungry? Or just bored? Angry? Seeking control of something?"
    How did that make you feel?
    Great! I was so happy to be doing something good for myself. I also set goals I could stick to no matter how small. I didn't set out to make big plans I couldn't keep. Like going to the gym every day and eating no carbs, when I had NEVER done that before. I wanted a little win every day to build myself up and stay consistent. It is more a mental thing than anything else. If you can get your mind on board with what you want for yourself losing the weight is so so SO easy!
    Who helped you?
    My friend who gave me advice about how he did it.
    Who/what sabotaged you?
    I don't believe you can be "sabotaged" in something that is under your own control, like weight. I succeed because I wanted it bad enough. Everyone will succeed at their own weight goals when they want it bad enough.
    What was the hardest thing during this process? What was easier than you thought?
    I found myself saying "I can't eat..." and that made me feel like I didn't have a choice. BUT I DID! I CHOSE to eat the foods I did. So I said instead "I CHOOSE not to eat...". The power was mine all along, I just gave it back to myself.
    What are your current Eating habits?
    I don't deny myself anything. If I want a Cinnabon, I eat one. But if I do, I know I need to go for a walk or a run later. I drink a lot of protein shakes. Eat Zone bars. Wheat, suger-free, and low fat on basic things. I also don't drink my calories (all the time, light beer just doesn't do it for me ;-) ). Fish and chicken. Also not eating at night, like my mom always said ;-) , makes my maintaining much easier.
    What was your original work out regiment, if any?
    Didn't have one.
    How does your size make you feel?
    Beautiful! And so confident! I truly feel good in the clothes I wear! I am smaller than I was in High School!
    How do people react to the new you?
    Surprised. I have continued to tone over the last few months and have had people who go just a few weeks without seeing me tell me what they think. It kinda gives me a high. Considering I spent so long hiding away from pictures and such when I was bigger.
    What is your driving motivation to keep this size?
    My career. Also, I just feel good about myself, and so proud to be me!
    What makes you feel sexy?
    High heels, red lipstick, tousled hair, good music, and laughing. Which in turn means I love anything that makes me laugh. Ideally the more nonsensical the better. ;-)
    What do you miss?
OH WAIT...I miss having to take 15 pictures to get an angle that didn't show my double chin.
(hahahah! no. That's a lie. I don't miss that.) :-P