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Interdependence for Fitness

Interdependence for Fitness

by Craig Nielson

Are you lacking motivation?  Do you procrastinate working out because you fear the judgment of others?  Do you not make an effort because you are afraid of failure? Do any of these types of thought processes affect your ability to obtain the level of fitness you really want?  Try getting help.

Consider your situation. The people in your life you spend most of your time with are likely in the same situation you are.  You think alike, eat alike, enjoy doing the same activities together, and you share the same values.  When you attempt to drop some pounds you would like to get rid of by starting to work out and get in shape and they don't share this interest, you quickly lose momentum because you lack a support network.

Aligning yourself with like-minded people, working together for a common goal, will give you the motivation and support you need to succeed.  Following are some ideas about finding others to create mutually supportive relationships to help you achieve the level of fitness you want.

Ask First of all, don't be afraid to ask for help.  When lacking confidence, you may be afraid to ask for help because you feel like you are bothering the person you are asking.  You also could fear being rejected by the person you ask.  Another misconception is thinking the other person will think less of you or find you weak. The truth is you have no idea what the other will think. For all you know they may actually be thrilled you asked and will be happy to help you out.

Join a club Join a local running club, cycling club, or swimming club.  Whatever form of exercise you enjoy, there are others who enjoy it too.  Show up and be active about introducing yourself.  Forge new friendships and get to know others.  Soon you will make connections with possible fitness partners.

Ask a trainer Find a personal trainer and ask them if they have any clients they know that would be interested in forming a partnership with a workout buddy.  A good trainer knows the value of working together with others and will be happy to give you a referral.    

Sign up Sign up for a dance or yoga class.  Here, you will find others who are active and value a healthy lifestyle.  Make new friends and make it known you are looking for a workout partner.

Search Go online to where you can find many groups in your area that enjoy activities like yourself. is another site you could try to find a workout mate.  Log on to Facebook or other social media groups you belong to and request for a workout buddy.  State your intention clearly as if you were posting a personal add.  You want someone who will be committed and motivated.

Here is my favorite acronym for the word TEAM. Together Everyone Achieves More.  Working together by motivating each other and holding each other accountable will get you far better results than doing it alone.  Don't be shy.  Get out and make a new friend.  Your workout buddy is waiting for you.


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