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Taming your Wild Side! Or not!


By Courtney Hurley

We all have a little wild side in us right? Well if you don’t, you should and here are some fun and crazy tricks to spice up your look for that night out on the town with the girls.

The Sexy Diva

 Separate your hair into two sections. Take the top section and tease the farthest piece back to the closest piece up front. Leave the very front part or your bang stay straight. After completed gently comb the bang over the teased part and spray with a freeze spray. Take all of the teased hair and cross pin two bobby pins (as seen below) Last step is to simple throw the back into a pony tail and tease the top layer of the pony tail to any desired volume.




The Beachy Bombshell

Do you ever wonder how to get those perfect obeying waves in your hair? It is all about the wand. Simply wrap your hair along the wand and hold the end out straight – keep the hair on wand for about 10 seconds each strand and then let bounce and fall into place. Within 20 minutes have outstanding curls and waves that will last up to 2 days.



The Runway Free Spirit

Simply wash hair and let naturally dry. After hair is completely dry flip your head upside down and run a blow dryer over the top while combing! Blow dry for about 10 minutes and then flip hair over! Have runway hair and be ready to rock the show!