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Wild Fashion for Fall


Written by Iris Wang

Fall is finally here, and you know what that means: shopping spree! Aphrodite women are anything but ordinary; we are wild. Wild women must follow this season’s wild fashion. Luckily, you have the help of Aphrodite to give you the 411 on this season’s must-haves.

Colors to wear this fall: orange, blue, green, red, white, and wine.

Wine Who says you can’t match your outfit with your drink? Step onto the WILD side and drink some wine (add article about wine link- replace it with “drink some wine”) while wearing wine- the color wine that is.

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Military/Menswear  War may not be the answer, but that doesn't mean we can’t dress like the sexy, brave men and women who protect our country. Fashion designers Alexander McQueen, Armani, Balenciaga, Burberry, Diane Von Furstenberg, Jean Paul Gaultier, and many more geniuses say we can this fall! The original 1940’s military/ suit style will be brought back this fall, so look out for men’s suit jackets and pants- or just raid your man’s closet.

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Tweed The Royal Family is always on our radar--especially Kate Middleton and her classic style. Tweed will be particularly popular this fall. The best part? We can all feel like royalty in it!

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Faux Fur This season is for fur--faux fur that is! You can dress it up for an event or dress it down for a shopping day.

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Leopard Leopard print is back! But before you go and buy head-to-toe leopard print, remember to keep it class and not tacky. Make sure the leopard print completes your outfit rather than leaving you looking like an actual leopard.

Tip: Find simple cut leopard dresses.

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Hats Hats are a must this season! Buy a hat for every occasion this fall.

Fedoras Fedoras are in style this season and are a great accessory for a casual everyday outfit-or bad hair days. Want to try something WILD this fall? Try the tiny fedora! Ever since Posh Spice wore her tiny fedora to the Royal wedding, hats have been a buzz in the fashion world. Her tiny fedora is not only suitable for the royal wedding, but this fall- you can wear it anywhere! With the right outfit, of course.

Cloche Hats The famous cloche hats from the 1920’s are back this season. However, unlike the 1920’s you can rock your wild long locks with this hat.

Trilby Hats Similar to a Fedora, but not quite. It has a narrower brim, which is sharply upturned. Like the Fedora, Trilby Hats are in this season!

Beanies Ordinarily, beanies are a skateboarders' go-to headwear. Let’s be honest, we’re wild Aphrodite women, and we’re anything but ordinary! So wear that beanie this fall- they’re stylish and great for warmth.

Flat Caps Are you a golfer? Then you see these hats all the time. Not a golfer? Who cares? Wild women rock anything, and flat caps are a fashion must this fall.

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