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Pole Fitness: Get Fit, Have Fun & Feel Sexy

Sep 24, 2012 09:52AM

Exotic Pole Fitness

Written by Natalie Haskell, Owner of Exotic Pole Fitness

Are you ready for a challenging, exciting, inspiring and sensual way to get fit? Then you need to try pole fitness! Pole fitness and pole dance classes quickly are becoming popular for women and men. Yes—men! The great benefits of regular pole fitness are toned arms, firm glutes, amazing legs, rock hard abs, a strong handgrip and stunning flexibility!

I still remember my first pole class. I was getting married and my sister wanted to do something crazy for my bachelorette party.  So she found a studio that offered pole dance and lap dance parties. I didn’t know what to expect when she told me where we were going. I thought we were going to a strip club! But that was not the case at all. It was at a dance studio. I was so shy back then, but our instructor was great. She made us all feel like we were the most important people in the world for the whole hour.  We learned how to spin, pose and be sexy! I couldn’t wait to do it again.

I started taking a class per week. I learned more and wasn’t as shy. I was hooked!  I started going three days a week, and, after two months, I was not shy at all— I wanted to learn more and more. Then the studio offered me a job as an instructor! I taught at that studio for over a year. But I wanted to open up my own studio. I finally got up enough courage to set out on my own. I bought a pole and set it up in my living room. My friends would come over a couple times a week to play on the pole. My husband and I moved into a larger house and I made the family room my pole fitness studio!

I discovered the confident, sexy person inside me that I never knew I had. As an instructor I have seen women transform. They start to feel stronger and sexier! I am always telling them that they can do it! I love seeing the excitement on their faces when they do a move for the first time that they previously struggled with. Pole class is like a vacation from everything else going on in your life. When you step into class, put on your shorts and start dancing, you forget about the stress of the day. You will make lots of new friends in pole class, as well. I have met many amazing people in my years as an instructor.  It’s so nice to surround yourself with friends that share your love of pole.

You don’t have to take pole classes to get the benefits. You can purchase a pole and dance at home too! It’s best to start taking classes so you get the hands-on instruction. However, you can learn a lot from watching pole instructional videos and YouTube. You need to learn how to perform moves safely so you don’t injure yourself. When you are ready to purchase your own pole you may be shocked at how many different types there are. You need a professional quality pole, not a prop pole. Prop poles are more to look at and dance around. They are not for spins or inverts! They will fall over or break.

Professional quality poles are priced in the $200 and up range. Here are the different types:

- Permanent Poles: These poles are one long piece that you order to the height of your ceiling and require screws to secure them to the floor and ceiling. These poles are great for studios and for someone that knows they will not need to move the pole.

-Removable Poles: These poles can be taken apart rather quickly and assembled easily for someone who wants to take the pole to parties, friends houses, or remove when the family comes to visit.

-Stage Poles (Freestanding Poles): Theses poles have a base/stage that supports the pole and does not require a ceiling to attach to. The freestanding poles are great for use in a building with very high ceilings and even can be used outdoors. The free standing poles are not as stable as the permanent or removable poles, but they can be set up anywhere.

Professional Poles come in different finishes, diameters and some even spin. When you purchase a pole you have the option of static (stationary) and spinning. The poles with the spinning option are great for performing poses that can be held while the pole spins. The pole does not have a motor that spins it. Each pole is different, but once you pull a pin that keeps it static, the pole can spin on ball bearings in the top and base. You control how fast you will spin by how hard you push off the ground.

High quality pole finishes are brass, chrome and titanium gold. These finishes are designed to give you a better grip on the pole. Pole diameters are 50mm, 45mm and 40mm. The smaller diameter makes it easier for smaller hands to grip around the pole, while the larger diameter makes it easier to grip the pole with your legs for inverts.

So if you are ready to take a pole class or buy a pole here is the best way to get started! The easiest way to find a pole studio near you is to search on the Internet. Search keywords: pole fitness studio and pole dance studio. Most studios offer weekly classes or private lessons. If you want to purchase a professional pole, the best poles are made by X-Pole and Platinum Stages.

My name is Natalie Haskell and I have been teaching pole fitness for almost five years. I am also a personal trainer and Zumba fitness instructor. I love what I do, and I can’t imagine having a job that I didn’t love. It is still hard explaining what I do to people who don’t understand the difference between pole fitness and what goes on at a gentlemen’s club. In the beginning, my husband had his doubts about me teaching women how to pole dance. He was worried that I would run off to Vegas and become a stripper! He would ask, “Why do you need to learn how to pole dance?” I would say, “Because it makes me happy and challenges me!” He soon realized how happy it made me and now supports me 100 percent! He is my spotter when I attempt new advanced moves! My husband and I had our first child in May of this year. I gained nearly 50 pounds during my pregnancy. After only three months of eating healthy and teaching my pole classes I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I continue to improve my strength and flexibility every day. I hope that you will fall in love with pole fitness just as I did!