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Transformation Story: Kate Burrows

Sep 15, 2012 09:35AM

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Kate Burrows
Collingwood Park, Queensland, Australia
Current Age
Current Weight
Dress Size
Started Training Regiment
Original Weight
Original Dress Size
How long did the transformation take?
1 to 2 years
What were your original Eating habits?
I used to drink at least a coke a day. As for my eating habits, I never ate breakfast. If I did it was a big meal of fatty bacon, eggs, toasts, etc. When I was living at home, I was eating take away nearly every meal, iced coffees and slices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
What was your original work out regiment, if any?
I never worked out. I hardly ever left the house. When I did, I drove everywhere. I was lazy and felt so bad all the time that I could hardly do anything.
How did your original weight make you feel?
I was stuck in an unhealthy relationship and was really depressed, so I ate badly. My weight kept me down constantly. I was too scared to leave the house, because nothing would ever fit me. I couldn’t fit into any of the clothes I wanted to wear. I was ashamed to look at myself in the mirror and ashamed of what people thought of me and all the bad names I was being called. It was a really bad time in my life, which also affected my relationship. My weight made me hate myself, and I hated what I had become.
What made you want to change?
The way I thought about myself. I was so sick and exhausted of hating the way I looked and felt all the time.
What was your driving motivation?
My dad passed away just over a year ago and my ex left me for my best friend, as well as took everything. It was a really bad time in my life. My ex would call me nasty names and call me fat every time I ate. It’s because of that, how my ex treated me, all the names I was ever called, and the way it all made me feel about myself that motivates me to want to look and feel better about myself. I’ve always been a bigger girl and have never been happy with myself or the way I looked. I needed to change that; I couldn’t keep going the way I was anymore.
What made you feel sexy?
Nothing. I never felt sexy—not ever. Everything about my body made me feel unattractive.
What did you do to lose weight?
I have changed my eating completely. I eat more regularly and smaller portions. I eat clean 85 percent of the time and train hard. I started out doing some weights at the gym. Now I run, jog, or walk every morning and sometimes more during the week.
How did that make you feel?
At first, it was quite hard having such a big lifestyle change compared to what I used to eat, but it has gotten easier and I have had some help from some great friends.
Who helped you?
There have been a few people that have helped me along the way. I have done it mainly myself though. I made the decisions on my own and tried it all on my own. It has been quite difficult with all the people around me still eating bad food, but I try to stay motivated. There also have been a couple of people who have helped keep me motivated and without them I would have given up by now.
Who/what sabotaged you?
No one or nothing in particular. I think there have been a few times people have eaten bad food around me and I caved and ate it, as well.
What was the hardest thing during this process? What was easier than you thought?
The hardest thing has been trying to stay motivated. It does get hard and expensive at times and I get a little sad, but if I go off the rails, I get straight back on them the next day. Nothing has been easy. The whole process has been a really hard one, especially with all the other problems going on around me.
What are your current eating habits?
For breakfast, I have protein, eggs, a ham steak, or fruit and natural yogurt. I will have a small portion of chicken and salad or vegetables for lunch. For dinner, I eat vegetables, chicken, kangaroo or lean beef patties. I snack on chicken, almonds, green apples, yogurt, strawberries, etc. I drink water or lemon water. If I crave something bad, I drink a POM Antioxidant Peach Passion White Tea.
What was your original work out regiment, if any?
I would go to the gym a few times a week.
How does your size make you feel?
I feel a lot better about myself—well, a lot better than what I used to. I still haven’t reached my goal weight yet, but I now know I am on the right path. I know once I have reached it that I will stay there and will be happy, confident, and love who I am, as well as realize how far and how hard I have worked to get there.
How do people react to the new you?
Many people don’t believe that I used to be a lot bigger, so when they see photos they get really shocked. I do get a lot of compliments now, but I’m doing this because I want to do it for myself.
What is your driving motivation to keep this size?
I want to be happy with myself and body and be confident. I can’t keep living my life with all the negative energy and the negative thoughts about me. That will be my motivation!
What makes you feel sexy?
I feel sexy when I see my collarbones, when I feel toned and no flabby bits hanging around, and when I feel confident with myself and like the way I look in the mirror.
What do you miss?
I can’t say I miss anything. I don’t miss being the size I was, and I don’t miss the life I was living. I am determined to be happy and confident. I will never go back to the way things were before.