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Rachel C. Greninger

Sep 13, 2012 09:24PM

Rachel C. Greninger

Name: Rachel C. Greninger
Height*: 5ft. 7in
Weight*: 140
Measurements*: 39in bust -29in waist-41in hip
Natural Hair color: Auburn
Natural eye color: Brown
Your gym: my home or the park
Favorite workout: Insanity
Favorite sport:  Basketball
Favorite clothing/shoe brand: Alexander McQueen and All Saints

 Aphrodite Models – Q&A

 So, tell me a little about yourself.

I am a Washington State native who grew up in a town known for our fair. Puyallup is a BIG little town for sure. ;-) I moved to the Sunshine state to pursue acting and I love the change of pace and the weather for sure! I’m a nerd at heart! Get that from growing up with all boys!  I love to play board games, read, watch movies and participate in any kind of tomfoolery. The more silly and random the better. I’m the first one to laugh and believe positivity is a daily choice.

  1. What was the house you grew up in like?

I grew up in mostly apartments. So the sense of community was a bit different than a culdesac. You watch out for each other, and help each other out.

 Explain your health and fitness regime?

For me it starts with a choice that food is not a filler for loneliness or boredom. It is fuel. So when you choose to eat based on what is the best fuel you make better choices. And for fitness, I turn daily activities into workouts. Cleaning, carrying groceries, ect. I consciously use menial tasks as an opportunity for leg lifts or squats.

  1. What's your advice for feeling confident? How do you stay optimistic and faithful when you don’t feel like working out?

Smiling. Also, knowing who you are and where you are going. No one can stop a person who has a vision. If I don’t feel like it I ask myself why. Usually it’s because I’m tired. Then visualize myself enjoying my work out, and think about how great I will feel after. That changes my attitude.

 What's your favorite sport?

I love basketball!!! If I wasn’t an actress all through high school I would have played basketball. I am extremely competitive and love to win!

 Tell me about your greatest strength?

I am very gregarious. Meeting new people is so much fun for me. Everyone has a unique story!!

 Who have been your role models? What about them do you admire?

My brother Michael. He was the best man I had ever known. He died fighting for our freedom overseas. I have the tattoo on my side, of the gun, to remind myself to always fight for what I want. To stand for something, or I’ll fall for anything.

And my best friend Rebecca. She is so sincere, tenacious, honest, and loving. She inspires me to love others and give grace always.

 If you were an animal, what would you be?

Probably a lion.

  1. What is your most favorite healthy dish?

I eat a lot of chicken and brown rice. It is fast, easy and there are so many ways to add to it and season it! It is like a jack of all trades! ;-)


My passion is to love others more than they love themselves. To believe in people rather than potential. And to leave a legacy worth being spoken of by my future children. I strive to live everyday as a platform to share hope and positivity to others. And acting is just a way to make that platform greater. <3

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