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Sara Probert

Sep 13, 2012 09:07PM

Sara Probert


Sara Probert

Height: 5'7

Weight: 135

Favorite meal:

 Oh man... thats though... i am a food LOVER!! There are few meals I don't enjoy. Can Ichoose multiple? LOL! I LOVE seasoned steak and shrimp paired with steamed fresh vegetables. yum. I also love pastas - red and brown sauces are my favorite. I love IPA's (india pale ales, beer) and Cabs. My favorite dessert is vanilla pudding with sliced pound cake on top, followed by a combination of two seasonal fruits (strawberries and bananas, peaches and blueberries, etc) with a dab of whipped cream on top. I also love dark chocolate.

Favorite brand of clothing? Bke, Miss me, Betsy Johnson, Zac Posen. Favorite clothing piece?

SHOES. Oh the shoes. Handbags and other accessoriesare a VERY close second.

I always find it incredibly difficult to start a short essay about myself. For some reason I can come up with no better introduction than “My name is Sara and I ….”. How terrible is that? You would think I could muster something more creative! However, since I’ve already told you my name I suppose I can skip that incredibly boring portion now. Moving on. I moved to the bay area 3 years ago fromOregonand most enjoy the moderate climate, nightlife and endless opportunities I’ve come to discover here.  I work in retail management and although to most it would not seem a highly desired position, I can tell you that I wake up in the morning happy and enthusiastic about going to work.  It affords me the luxury of being my own boss (well, mostly!) and to make my own schedule. I also run a home based ebay store, doing custom embroidery work, and work also as a part time promotional model; mostly selling spirits or other products around the bay area. In my free time, I enjoy racing my suzuki gsxr 750 atCaliforniacircuits such asSearsPointand Thunderhill Raceway. I started racing 3 years ago and plan to enjoy many more years of this! Although I do not aspire to become a full time model, I very much enjoy being in front of a camera and hope to work enough to help support my racing habit.  I am a creative, outgoing, passionate, and enthusiastic fireball who hopes to one day add the title of wife and mother to the list of things I am most proud of.