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Burning Man's Burner Fashion

Jul 30, 2012 01:21PM


Written by Iris Wang

Excited to pop your cherry—your Burning Man cherry, that is—but have no clue what to wear? Burning Man is a chance for people to build their own new world. The mission is to promote and support interactive public art. It is an event like no other. No worries. Aphrodite is here to help you look like a Burning Man Pro!

Even though Burning Man is different from other events, all events always have one thing in common—costume time. Burning Man attire is all about creativity and standing out. When making your costume, keep in mind these Burning Man No-Nos and Dos and Don’ts:



No trace The Burning Man community respects the environment and is committed to leaving no physical trace of their activities. Burners clean up after their endeavors and themselves, leaving the place in a better state than when they arrived.

No profit Burning Man is devoted to acts of gift giving. The value of a gift is unconditional. Gifting does not contemplate a return or an exchange for something of equal value.


Dos and Don’ts


Wear goggles

Goggles are essential during dust storms. Some dust storms are so bad that sunglasses and glasses aren’t enough protection. The Melting Pot World Emporium and Maximum Eye Wear have goggles that are stylish yet useful. These goggles are specially designed for eye protection during sandstorms.

Have storage for your personal belongings

Splurge: Stash Belt


Stash belts are great for, well, stashing stuff. At Burning Man, you’re not going to want to be carrying around your ChapStick®, sunscreen, and even some of the things that will be gifted to you. Constantly walking back to camp is a waste of time and energy. Stash belts at Firedog Designs are fashionable and accessible. They are all handmade with beautiful leatherwork from Asia. So not only will the Stash Belt be convenient, but it will be fashionable, too!

Save: Backpack or CamelBak

Stash Belts are very fashionable for Burning Man, but you can save money by decorating a backpack or using a CamelBak with pockets! Don’t forget to add your own personal style when decorating!

Be prepared for Dust Storms 

Splurge: Dust Mask

In case of dust storms, protection is a MUST. Dust masks are a great way for protection from a dust storm.

Save: Bandana or Scarf

Not willing to splurge on a dust mask? Bandanas and scarves usually do the job. The weather is unpredictable, so have something ready in case of an emergency. If you get lucky and don’t have to deal with the dust storm, at least you’ll still look cool!

Have Pockets, Pockets, Pockets You can never have too many pockets. Make the pockets accessible and fashionable when creating your costume!

Hydrate on H2O Make sure you stay hydrated at Burning Man. Unfortunately, alcohol won’t hydrate you— at least not in the way your body will need from all the partying you do. Keep in mind that you’ll be in the desert, partying for hours on end. Stay hydrated and it’ll save you an ambulance bill.

Prepare for all temperatures Even though it’s summertime, it gets a bit chilly at night. Be prepared to layer up! However, just because you have to layer up, doesn't mean you can’t do it in style. Fishnets and leggings are great for warmth and fashionable. You could also wear long sleeves under your outfits. However, a heavy jacket is a MUST. Some nights can get pretty cold, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.



Go barefoot. If you must, bring shoes just in case You’ll also want Band-Aid®s and Neosporin® from all the cuts and burns you’ll have. Don’t forget that it is summertime! Walking barefoot in the desert won’t feel like a walk by the beach. Also, Playa sand at Burning Man is very alkaline, which can cause irritation and dryness to your skin.

Feathers Feathers are easily traceable. They leave too much of a mess, unless they don’t shed. Just don’t wear them. Opt out for fake flowers or faux feathers.


Loose glitter will get everywhere. It’s almost impossible to clean up, which goes against the “Leave No Trace” rule.

Forget sunscreen

Everyone likes a bit of a tan, but sun BURNING is not safe or fun—not even at Burning Man. Lather it up. Go back home with new experiences, friends, and stories—not painful sunburns.

Expect to see any trashcans

Burning Man has a no trace policy. Whatever you bring, leaves with you. Simple enough. Bring your own trash bags for your trash. Be sure it all leaves with you when you leave Burning Man.


Don't forget the essentials:

Burning Man is a wonderful experience, but making sure you’re properly prepared can make or break your experience. Here are some items you should definitely bring to Burning Man:

Your ticket In all the excitement with making outfits and buying supplies, don’t forget your pass into the event.

Bring two tents One for sleep and one for clothes and supplies.

Ziploc® bags Store food, small items, gifts and anything in the bags for safe keepings.

Flashlights It gets dark at night and there’s nothing like being drunk and tired, trying to find your camp in the dark. Think flashlights are too boring? Go NEON! Wear neon, use glow sticks, glow bracelets and El Wire. Not only will you be safe, but you’ll glow in the dark with style. El Wire is a safe way to light up your outfit. Literally! Many people use El Wire to add light to their bikes, walkways and costumes for Burning Man.

Leather work gloves Helps with the “NO TRACE” clean up

Back up contact lenses Have several backups just in case

ChapStik® It’s hot out! The worst thing is coming home with sunburned lips! It’s not pretty.

Batteries You never know if you’ll need extras.

Bikes Bikes are not mandatory but could be helpful to get from place to place.


Burning Man is an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada. The event starts the Monday before and ends on the day of the American Labor Day holiday. It takes its name from the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy on Saturday evening. For more information on Burning Man, go to the website.

Whatever you end up wearing this year, the most important thing is to wear it with confidence, and, of course, HAVE FUN! Celebrate. Experience. Adventure. Create.