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Jason's Beachside Grille

Jul 20, 2012 07:43PM
There isn’t a better place on the lake that one can feel at home, enjoy great eats  and  romance  a nice cocktail on the outside patio bar, than at Jason’s Beachside Grille on Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe, CA. Nestled in between , Adrift Tahoe  (known for it’s Standup Paddle & Kayak) and a minute stroll from the unique Crown Ferrari Lodge, Jason’s offers a  variety of tasty treats for the locals where it’s a “Cheers “ kind of feeling and where Tahoe tourist keep coming back year after year.

From the wood rustic cozy inside décor to the outdoor patio and bar surrounded by a canopy of gorgeous Tahoe Pine trees that one can enjoy after a day of StandUP Paddle, Jason’s menu offers a bouquet of flavors and fixin’s  that are reasonably priced for a dinner for deux or a family of 8. If you’re not all that interested in a meal you might want to belly up to the bar and mingle with the mixologist, try a shot of Tahoe Blue Vodka and savor Jason’s famous Shoe String Pepper Fries.If you’re leaning on the healthy side then take a trip to Jason’s Famous Salad Bar that seems to be an all time favorite.

Monte Webb, Owner of Jason’s found Tahoe to be exquisite and inviting on a trip 20 years ago. Monte fell in love with the area and decided to make the property in Kings Beach a place of dining where locals can enjoy themselves. Lake Tahoe, known for its captivating beauty and as Mark Twain once said, ""The fairest picture the whole world affordsoffers so many activities from boating, parasailing StandUp Paddle, Kayaking, Jet Skiing, lake cruises, lakeside parks, ski resorts, ample lodging, and highrise casinos, wedding facilities and much much more!!! After a day of fun, hiking, boating and whatever other trouble you find yourself into at Tahoe, Jason’s is definitely a place to unwind an appreciate this jewel that nature has to offer and let the staff of Jason’s take care of your senses from great eats, great drinks, lively atmosphere and live music.

Jason’s is the preferred eatery of Aphrodite, where the models and crew zigzaged through the eatery to nosh at the salad bar or grab a cold one from the bar, all while donning Aphrodite Tanks and planning a fantastic photoshoot. We had an amazing time at Jason’s where we welcomed and treated like family, and we know you will too!