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The Big "O." R U ready?

Jun 16, 2012 08:13AM

Photo by John Devine

Written by Kate Thomas

Orgasm. The invigorating big “O.” That is what we are talking about and, unfortunately, many women find it hard to a) have an orgasm or b) have a really good orgasm. Your fitness can help you have the big “O” more regularly and intensely helping add extra passion to your relationship with your partner. Orgasms also have a multitude of benefits for women helping with stress relief and self-assurance. There are certain muscle groups you can focus on to help improve your sex life and many benefits – let’s get training.

Fitness, orgasms and the Kegel

The Kegel, otherwise known as your pelvic floor, is often described as the muscle you clench when you are trying not to pee. When you perform Kegel exercises, you contract and relax the muscles in and around your vagina, strengthening the muscle. When this muscle is strong it can be used during sex to arouse both you and your partner. You know you have it when you can stop your self urinating mid-flow. Tory Clark, a clinical sexologist, emphasized the importance of Kegel exercises and recommended Pilates

“Pilates is really good as it revolves around your pelvic floor,” Clark said. “Do the exercises and then try it out with your partner or your vibrator.”

There are several pelvic toning devices on sale to help you complete your Kegel exercises but not all have the desired impact. Simply sitting and clenching is all you need to do and the great thing about it is, you can do it anywhere. At your desk at work, while out for dinner or in the movie theater. What a flexible workout.

Fitness, orgasms and stamina

You have to be a very lucky lady if an orgasm is a fast phenomenon for you during sex. It usually takes us women a little bit more than a 2-minute quickie to have a good orgasm and so stamina becomes a factor in the bedroom. By working out at the gym, your stamina will increase and you will be able to go at it for longer increasing the likelihood of that mind-blowing big “O”. You will also have better muscle control avoiding any emergency cramps while your legs are flailing up in the air.

“When you have sex for 30 minutes, you burn 85 calories,” Clark said. “So after 42 30 minute sessions you will have burned 3570 calories.”

That is unbelievable. Wow. Everybody likes a win:win situation.

Fitness, orgasms and increased blood flow

As we all know an increase of blood flow for men during intercourse is very important but the same can be said for women too. Matt Burns, a personal trainer, explained some of the science behind the benefits of blood flow and sex.

“Women are aroused by blood flow because it puts more endorphins in your circulation,” Burns said. “When you exercise those endorphins can flow further around your body.”

By maintaining a fit lifestyle, you are more likely to pump more blood around your body during sex, increasing the spread of hormones pulsing through your veins. That is some motivation: Think of the dessert you will get at home after you have worked hard increasing your circulation at the gym. I’m not talking about brownies.


Fitness, orgasms and confidence

Women are the worst for feeling unattractive naked. We all squirm a little or just straight upturn the lights out when it comes to prancing around in our birthday suits. A lack of confidence can hugely affect your chances of having an orgasm because you are too busy thinking about what you look like.

“We are conditioned as women in this culture to really care about what we look like,” Clark said. “The media is a lot to blame with the photo-shopping and stuff. You can’t be what you can’t see.”

By keeping healthy and exercising you gain confidence in yourself, your sex appeal and your desirability to the opposite sex.

“Have realistic expectations of yourself as a women,” Clark said. “Don’t hold yourself up to those standards.”


Ultimately, when you are enjoying a healthy sex life with your partner, both mutually giving, kind and satisfying, your relationship will have a much-needed passionate intimacy. You will be happier and more relaxed. Also according to Clark “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” That would be just terrible. So get organizing some romantic evenings and feel sexy within yourself. It will radiate through you and will be irresistible to your partner.


Here are some specific exercises to help you spice it up in the bedroom:

Think flexible: Yoga and pilates

Think sexy: Dancing, Zumba or Urban Pole Dancing

Think luscious legs: Squats, wall sits and lunges.

Think toned arms: Bicep curls – good for holding on.

Think ab-tastic: Ab rolls, pelvic tilts and the plank.


--Kate Thomas