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Color Calamity

Jun 15, 2012 06:37PM

By Mellisa Deang

When it comes to beauty, the one person you really need to trust wholly is the person that does your hair. I have a hard time with colorists because I’m extremely particular with the way my hair is colored—all Aphrodite women should be.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a colorist when I moved away from home for college. Needless to say it had been over a year since I saw a hair professional, leaving my hair dull and lackluster. With heinous ombré hairstyles all around town, I was nervous to get my hair done.

I’ve worn my hair long since I was 18 and began getting ombré highlights since I turned 19. This type of color, which fades from dark to light, is perfect for summer and perfect for someone with my length hair who is on a budget. It’s low maintenance since roots don’t need to be re-dyed, as well as completely affordable when you need a boost of color. Also, ombré has gotten the GOOP seal of approval for this spring and summer, so if the goddess Gwyneth says it’s chic, then it’s totally chic (Google it). It’s also important for me to keep it as shiny and healthy-looking as possible, since I do style with heat almost every day.

After doing my own research and talking to my friends about who they would recommend, I finally settled on Brian Jensen at A Salon 7. Even before making an appointment, though, I was on the verge of an anxiety attack. When I got to the salon, which is housed in an old firehouse, I was shortly greeted by Brian and immediately felt relieved.

During consultation, Brian really listened to what I wanted and didn’t push me to do something I didn’t want. He asked open-ended questions that made me feel like I was controlling the appointment but added suggestions that would better suit my hair. We settled on a medium-brown ombré to make it look like I spent days in the sun rather than spent hours in a salon, as it should be. We also agreed taking off three inches from the bottom was going to achieve the best results for healthy and shiny hair.

Brian and his assistant Jenna worked quickly but thoroughly with my color, and Brian would explain to Jenna every aspect of what was being done to my hair. Listening to him made me realize he was a natural educator and really knew what he was doing. Talking to both Brian and Jenna made the appointment go by really fast and made my hair anxiety completely disappear.

At the end of the appointment, Brian was just as excited about the result as I was. Number one, my hair looks amazing. The color was better than he described in the consultation, and the cut really did make my hair look much healthier than before. Number two, getting my hair to look chic again was just a delight.

No longer anxiety-ridden, this Aphrodite woman will definitely be going back to Brian for all my hair needs.

Who is your fav hair guru? Have a heinous hair-story that you’re dying to share (yes, the pun is intended)? Are you guilty of having heinous hair? Aphrodite wants to know!