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Best SUP places in Nevada

Jun 14, 2012 09:06AM

Lake Tahoe. Photo courtesy of Micah Holley

Written by Micah Holley

While Southern Nevada seems all glitz and glamour, Northern Nevada has the best spots for outdoor fun! Northern Nevada has become the second biggest place to be for paddle boarding--and for good reason!

There are more than a handful of locations for paddle boarding in Northern Nevada, but there are five that are particularly beautiful. Those five include Lake Tahoe, Washoe Lake, Pyramid Lake, Lahontan State Recreation Area, and Walker Lake. Find the best places in Northern Nevada for you by viewing the five top-notch locations for the newest water sport:


The gigantically beautiful and clear lake, Lake Tahoe, is the best place in Northern Nevada to glide across water. The water itself is serene—and did I mention beautiful—as well as the view. It is one of the few places in the world where you can sunbathe while looking up at snowy mountains. It covers the length of 22 miles and the width of 12 miles, which guarantees you the room you desire for a great day on the lake. The heart of Northern Nevada, Lake Tahoe never has a dull moment—or view.


Washoe Lake State Park provides acres beyond acres of beautiful blue water. It is located 18 miles south of Reno and five miles north of Carson City. While paddle boarding, you get a great view of the nearby Sierra Nevada, Carson, and Virgina Mountain Ranges. It is the perfect location if you want a quiet but exciting day of SUP with the option of camping out for the night!


Less than an hour away, Pyramid Lake offers 125,000 acres of gray-blue water. It is less than an hour from Reno and one of the largest natural lakes of Nevada.


Lahontan State Recreation Area, taking over 12,000 acres of land has 69 miles of shoreline. This site is perfect for water sports. The area is extremely welcoming, opening up campsites, showers, and even wildlife viewing for visitors. It is about two hours away from Reno!


Explore the Walker River Delta or observe water life while paddling over the desert Walker Lake in Hawthorne, Nevada. Desert surrounds the lake, giving it a cowboy-esque feel.

Whether it be the beautiful Lake Tahoe or the quiet Walker Lake, you are destined to paddle board with a pristine view surrounding you in Northern Nevada! Try each of these locations this summer.

Have you tried these locations already and have loved it? Tell us all about it!