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Frosted Flip-Flops for Summer 2012

Jun 13, 2012 11:24PM

Written by Micah Holley

With the summer heat comes new fashion trends. One of the best ways to stay cool during summer is to find the perfect pair of flip-flops. Your toes are bare, free, and ready for that flip-flop tan.

This summer is the time to spruce things up a bit. Throw out those old, grungy flops and bring in something fresh and sassy. Frosted flip-flops are a must-have this summer. They can vamp up your everyday summer dress or your traditional jean shorts and can be worn with nearly everything.

Looking at in-store and online deals, we will guide you through your choices of the best summer frosted flops!

Old Navy has always been known for their comfortable sandals. They have the traditional flip-flop in nearly every color from the crayon box. But their blinged out flops are the best. 

They are cheap, comfortable, and extremely sparkly. Old Navy offers a wide variety of cute and flirty flip-flops. They have Fashion-Jeweled Flip-Flops, Metallic-Jeweled Capri Sandals, as well as Jeweled T-Strap Slide Sandals. If you want a classy style of flops for cheap, Old Navy is your prime target.

Francesca’s Collectionsis a hidden treasure. The store is a boutique-style joint that offers unique trends. This boutique has everything, including dazzling flip-flops.

They even have a pair of flops called the Aphrodite Sandal! Francesca’s Collections is the way to go if you want elegant, fresh, and unique flops. Just jump online and become an Aphrodite gal.

Urban Outfitters takes the average flip-flop and funks it up a bit. They offer studded sandals, the Shimmery Knot Thong Sandal, the Fab Glitter Sandal, and the Breezy Suede Thong Sandal. Urban Outfitters is the perfect place if you like online shopping and the comfort of knowing you will stand out more with their funky flip-flops sparkling in the sun.

Shopping for shoes is easy. The hard part is finding the perfect fit, shimmer, and look for your own particular style. With never-ending options, your way to finding perfect frosted flops is simple if you follow our guide!