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Babelicious Lingerie

Jun 13, 2012 10:56PM

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Written by Iris Wang


Every woman likes to look and feel sexy. Lingerie is every man’s fantasy. Even though there are no two bodies that are identical, there is a style of lingerie for everybody.  Here’s a guide for the style of lingerie that best fits your body shape.



Women with straight bodies have a bust and waist around the same width. They have less defined hips and a less round bottom. If this sounds like your body type, it is important to learn how to balance your bust and your butt. There are many ways enhance your waist to give the illusion of having curves.

Look for lingerie that enhances your cleavage and butt

  • Ruffled or embellished necklines and bottoms
  • Push up bras, demi cup bras and plunge bras
  • Sexy embellished, ruffled, or laced briefs that covers hips
  • Sexy teddy with a skirted bottom
Tip: Wearing bright bras and undies will make those specific areas seem larger


Women with broad shoulders and a little waist are known as the women with athletic bodies. These women are usually toned in the torso area and legs.

Look for lingerie that defines and creates your waistline

  • Balconette bras, push up bras, and full cup bras
  • G strings, thongs and shorts
  • Sexy two piece lingerie
  • Tall women- garter belt set
  • Petit women- silky lingerie
Tip: Play up your toned body enhance your breasts and bottoms while showing your torso


If you are pear shaped, you are usually more bottom curvy than top. Pear shaped women have a small bust, a shapely waist, lower hips and full thighs.

Look for lingerie that enhances your cleavage and reduces and rounds your butt

  • Push up, demi cup and plunge ruffled or embellished bra
  • Sexy boy shorts and hip huggers
  • Two piece garter-belt set
  • Sexy teddy with a skirted bottom
Tip: When shopping for undies, look for cuts that cover the hips, playing up your curves


Apple shaped women are usually very round in the breasts and hips. If you have an apple shaped body, your body looks best in rich solid colors.

Look for lingerie that elongates your midsection

  • Steel boned corset and bustier
  • Laced camisoles
  • Sexy teddy with a flowy skirted bottom
  • Sexy gowns with V cut neckline
Tip: When shopping for lingerie, look for vertical seams for elongation


Women with hourglass bodies have a large bust, defined waist and large butt. If you have an hourglass body, your body is well balanced which makes picking out lingerie easy.

Look for lingerie that emphasizes your shape and defines your waist

  • Firm lower bra cup
  • Rio briefs
  • Thongs and undies that cut low on your lower torso to lengthen legs
Tip: Make sure you find bras that keep your cleavage perky


We hope this guide helps you ladies wow your partner while looking feisty and babelicious!