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Get Toned While You Tan!

Jun 13, 2012 04:59PM

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Written by Walanya Vongsvirates


It’s tempting to just lay out and tan while you’re at the beach, but why not throw in a workout you can do while you tan? Here are some simple workouts you can do on the beach to help shape up your muscles.



Start off your workout by warming up and stretching all muscle groups. Once you are done stretching, do some light activity that will get you moving. Take a 10-minute stroll on the beach.


Place your hands behind you, shoulder-width apart on some type of support (a rock on the beach, bottom stair, etc). Face forward with your legs extended out, knees slightly bent. Lower your body down until your elbows are nearly in line with your shoulders. Push back up until the arms are extended. Do three sets of 12.


Stand upright and hold a water bottle down by your sides. Curl one arm up towards the shoulder, rotating the bottle inward slightly as you do so. Slowly lower it back down and repeat on the other arm. Repeat for three sets of 12.


Get on your hands and knees in the sand. Place your wrists under your shoulders and lift your knees off the ground so hands and feet support your body only. Contracting abs, hold for 30 seconds. Release for a quick break and repeat once. Stay in a plank position for one minute.


Stand with your feet hip-width apart, holding a water bottle horizontally between both hands at chest height, elbows bent. Take a slow but big step, about two feet, to the right. Bend your right knee to 90 degrees, keeping it behind the toes. Place water bottle on the sand by right foot and hold 2 counts. Step back to start. Repeat side lunge to right, this time picking up bottle. Continue in this pattern for a total of 10 times. Switch sides and repeat.


Stand with hands by your sides. Drop to ground in a crouched position with your hands on the ground. Hop behind you until your body is in plank, one long line from toe to head. Hop feet back to hands. Stand and repeat 12 times. Do sets of three.


Lie flat on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground. Interlace your fingers and put your hands behind your head. Bring your knees in toward your chest and lift your shoulders off the ground. Straighten your right leg out to about a 45-degree angle to the ground while turning your upper body to the left, bringing your right elbow toward the left knee. Now switch sides and do the same motion on the other side to complete one rep, creating the "pedaling" motion. Do this exercise with slow and controlled motions, Do 10 to 25 reps.


Once you are done with these simple routines, get your body moving with a little fun in the sun! Go for a swim or play some beach volleyball.