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Best Locations for Exotic Paddle Boarding

Jun 13, 2012 03:42PM

Belize. Photo courtesy of stock.exchng

Written by Lindzie St.Martin

Next time you decide to plan an exotic vacation, be sure to consider paddle boarding as an option for taking in some of the beautiful scenery. You'll have an opportunity to experience the serenity of nature in some of the most remote areas, and be able to see some unique marine life from different depths, all while getting in a great workout. It is something you can do solo, or with family and friends and can definitely still be relaxing and fun, regardless of your level of athletic abilities.  Also known as "stand-up paddle surfing,” this is just another way to transform your vacation into an adventure—an activity that can be done on any body of water including lakes, rivers, lagoons and harbors.  You can ride the ocean waves, or glide gracefully along some shallow coastline.  Paddle boarding is a fabulous way to create more amazing memories from your getaway, whether you're trying it for the first time or enjoying your regular passion for the sport, except with the added bonus of being in some of the best locations in the world.  Here are a few exotic locations where paddle boarding can be another wonderful part of your trip!

In Belize, you can enjoy a nearly perfect climate year round, averaging 80 degrees with a light breeze—a fun affordable vacation, compared to some other Caribbean destinations, and plenty to do for the entire family. The majority of locals are English speaking and friendly, and the US dollar in accepted everywhere.  Also find convenience in the direct flights offered from the United States and Canada.  You may want to get in contact with "Slickrock Adventures" who can offer lessons in the calm water of the Lagoon at Long Caye.  Or, get a great board workout with a certified trainer in the warm water of Placencia with "Belize Fit."

Honduras is an excellent place for those with the desire to enjoy nature at its purest, for it is not nearly as developed as Costa Rica, and does not offer the variety of accommodations.  But you can definitely enjoy the gorgeous national parks & reserves and botanical gardens that are easily accessible. It’s another inexpensive getaway with a rich

variety of cultural mix. Be sure to venture to Half Moon Bay on Roatan, Guanaja, and Utila, where you will find some of the most marvelous beaches in all of Latin America. A short 2.5 hours non-stop flight can be purchased out of Houston, Miami, or New Orleans into San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.

Puerto Rico is a great location that easily can meet nearly all of your vacation needs, from big city fancy resorts to remote island beaches and forest.  A plethora of activities, indoor and out! A major transportation hub, so travel deals and packages are easy to find. There are several options for paddle boarding rentals and guided tours here as well that can take you to the many different waterways from rivers, lagoons, and over ocean reefs. The sky's the limit in a place like this.

Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, located at the tip of the Baja California peninsula also offers fun things to do for all ages.  It’s an exciting playground of outdoor sports and activities on the pacific coast, with many opportunities to see lots of exotic sea life because of Cabo's protected marine sanctuary. You can find options for paddle boarding/snorkel tours online or perhaps you'd just like to gain insight for some of the most optimal locations.

And, Fiji is of course a wonderful location to consider for its tropical, lush, and romantic appeal.  Perhaps taking a bit of planning with over 330 islands to choose from, the main island, Big Fiji, will usually be a good start.  You will want to think about mode of travel, and most resorts can be accessed by helicopter, seaplane, ferry, or private boat.  The main international airport is located in Nadi. You may want to make some connections with "Waterways Surf Adventures" for information on the tours they offer and on which islands.  Regardless, a perfect place to take in a truly exotic experience.

There are numerous places internationally, where you'll find ideal waterways and many breaks in the waves for safe paddling.  Choosing some of the best water can be easy!  Sites like can offer a wealth of information and site referrals to find out whatever you need to know to select your vacation spot.  And, several companies now offer package deals, guided tours, and paddling workouts.  Or, maybe you'd like to stay right next to the sea for peaceful and easy access.  Next time you decide to get away, pick a place with optimal water readily available, grab a board, and enjoy your exotic paddling getaway!