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Tahoe Blue Vodka: A Vodka with Benefits

Jun 13, 2012 12:52PM

Photo courtesy of Tahoe Blue Vodka's Twitter page

Written by Mellisa Deang

Smooth. It’s probably not a word most of us can say about most vodka brands. For those who are not huge vodka drinkers, owners of Tahoe Spirits, Matt Levitt and Chris DeMay, came up with vodka that could easily convert even the most stubborn people into vodka drinkers.

Tahoe Blue Vodka is different from most top-shelf vodkas. It all stems from how they are distilled. Most vodkas are distilled from grain, which is why most drinkers feel a bite at the end of their experience. Levitt and DeMay worked with their distiller in Mountain View, Calif. to come up with a recipe that would allow the vodka to have a nice balance rather than an immediate bite. The result is a blend of grape, corn and sugarcane and creates an extremely smooth and gluten-free vodka.

Not only is Tahoe Blue Vodka known for being smooth but the bottle is also as gorgeous as the lake it is named after. The idea for the vodka followed the idea for the bottle, which features a frosted glass, looking into a deep blue window in the shape of the lake. Besides the elegant bottle and superior taste, Tahoe Spirits, who distributes and produces Tahoe Blue Vodka, also gives a portion of the revenue made from the vodka as donations to different organizations that help maintain Lake Tahoe’s cleanliness.

All these benefits come from vodka, which is locally owned, locally available, and comparable to any top-shelf vodka on the market today. Currently, Tahoe Blue Vodka retails at approximately $33 per bottle at locations around the Lake Tahoe Area. Visit their website for a full list of where to find Tahoe Blue Vodka by the bottle and where to find them by the glass.

Aphrodite also had the opportunity to feature Tahoe Blue Vodka in the first of their “Conquering the Kitchen” how-to videos. You can watch Sam, the Manager of Campos,  show you how to make Minty Blue Lemonade using Tahoe Blue Vodka. We encourage you to try it out and experience the taste for yourself. We guarantee  that your taste buds will be begging for more. Cin Cin! Stay tuned for more specials and recipes from Tahoe Blue Vodka and Aphrodite’s “Conquering the Kitchen” series to learn healthy and quick meals for a happy and healthy body. Bottoms up!