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15 Ways You Can Be Fit With Extra Cash

Jun 13, 2012 10:14AM

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15 Ways to Spend Extra Cash

Written by Kristen Close and Micah Holley

If you are expecting a bonus from your job or realize you have some extra cash coming in, you might want to think more practically about how to spend that money. Instead of buying gadgets or spending it all on a fancy vacation, try these 15 options of spending that cash while staying fit!

15. Restock your fridge and pantry with fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, fat-free or low-fat milk products, and lean meats, poultry and fish.

14. Register for Team In Training; Team In Training prods you with three months of fitness training in exchange for raising awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Register for Lance Armstrong Rides or register for Train to End Stroke (there are many charities that are beneficial for you and your health).

13. Purchase a set of at-home weights; this leaves you with no excuses to get out of working out.

12. Buy a stationary bike and convert your home office into a workout room.

11. Purchase or rent exercise DVDs like P90X, Intensity, or Zumba.

10. Make an appointment with an all-inclusive spa and take pleasure in a spa day.

9. Buy a gym membership or sign up for fitness classes, like boot camp or CrossFit.

8. Buy a few sessions with a personal trainer; they will check your BMI and weight and will tailor a program for you to continue after the sessions.

7. Buy a new pair of running shoes and upgrade your workout wardrobe.

6. Make a donation and volunteer for a local charity event.

5. Buy an Apple iPod nano to keep you company for those long runs you plan on taking.

4. Sign up for a marathon, half-marathon, 10K, or 5K.

3. Rent a kayak for a day on the lake and work your upper body muscles.

2. Buy a new yoga mat and find your inner Zen.

1. Take a two-hour stand up paddle boarding lesson at your local lake; work your core, upper and lower body muscles and enjoy the view.

Spending money on your fitness is just as important as filing your fridge with healthy foods. With these 15 recommended ways of spending that extra cash of yours, you are bound to show something worth your bonus.