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The Essentials During a Paddle Boarding Adventure

Jun 13, 2012 02:31PM

Photo courtesy of stock.exchng

Written by Susan Thorn

For us adventuristas, life is never boring! We thrive on excitement and know how to make the most of all life brings. Since you never know where your paddling excursion will lead, or with whom, be ready for anything!

Having a dry hydration waistpack is more than a luxury—it is a must. This pack can be found at REI for less than 70 bucks. We all know that water is a necessity. This pack can hold 50 ounces of water. It also has plenty of pockets for the other essentials. Here is our top ten list of things to keep handy while taking on an adventure!

  1. Water! Water Water!
  2. Dependent upon how long you will be out, you need nutrition. Bring small protein bars, nuts, beef jerky, or string cheese—good clean food that will keep up your energy levels.
  3. Sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30—beautiful skin needs protection!
  4. If you are going into unchartered territories bring a map—local board shops carry great waterproof maps! In Tahoe check out the options at Adrift Tahoe in King's Beach!
  5. Your cell phone will stay nice and dry in a dry hydration waistpack and be your connection in an emergency.
  6. Add to the fun by downloading a GPS app like Marine:US West or GrangerFX Scenic Map Central USA at the Apple Store online.
  7. Cute hats full of bling to shade your face.
  8. Sunglasses to protect those baby blues from the cancerous effects of the sun
  9. Bright, fun towels
  10. Most importantly, keep your best smile, laugh, and passionate self, ready for a great day of fun!
With these ten items, you are bound to have a safe and fun time paddling away your day! Let us know what items you like to bring along paddle boarding.