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Aphrodite: Working with Models!

May 28, 2012 10:38AM
By Iris Wang

Photographer John Devine photographed gorgeous fitness models Yvette D., Kelte, Chelsea, Yvette F. and Therese for the Babes, Boards, and Bling Aphrodite photo shoot. The wonderful connection and comfortable environment the fitness models had with photographer John Devine is what made the photo shoot such a great success.

Despite the windy 50 degree weather in Kings Beach early morning on May 6, 2012, the fitness models looked amazing in their fashionable swimwear for the Aphrodite photo shoot. Fitness model Yvette D. was the first model on set withFashion photographer John Devine. However, don’t let her petite fit appearance fool you; the caring beautiful model and mother of six is extremely strong! She proved her strength on set with photographer John Devine when she carried the paddleboard from “Adrift Tahoe” from set to set. In order to achieve that perfect shot, John directed Yvette D. to hold the paddle board over her head, as the wind blew against her, making it difficult to balance—while still lookingflawless!

Kelte was the second fitness model on set and her carefree attitude made her experience fun and exciting, on and off camera. Kelte requested for music to play throughout her shoot which matched her sexy and sassy personality. The blasting music not only brightened up the mood for everyone on set, but her beauty blinged through the lenses of John’s camera as she danced and played with her long pretty wavy beach hair. During the photo shoot, photographer John Devine placed fitness models Chelsea and Yvette F. into the shots with Kelte. He photographed all the women having fun together and the positive energy they all sharedshined through the photos.

Fitness model Therese connected with photographer John Devine on an intellectual level. Think models are just all looks? Think again. Fitness model Therese felt at ease in front of the camera with John behind the lens because of his ability to hold a conversation with her. The great connection the beautiful fitness model built with photographer John Devine and his camera allowed genuine candid moments to be captured on camera.

Even though the freezing cold weather seemed unbearable at times, photographer John Devine and the fitness models did not let it affect the photo shoot from being successful. The fitness models and John took shots of “Tahoe Blue Vodka” between sets to stay warm and to keep the energy level up. Overall, the positivity and determination everyone possessed made the photo shoot a fun and exciting experience. The team of Aphrodite made the best out of an unfortunate situation and refused to allow the unexpected cold weather to ruin the Aphrodite Babes, Boards, and Bling photo shoot.  Look out for Aphrodite's first issue June 15th! Stay tuned, join us on FB or Text APHRODITE to 24587 to join the movement!