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"Cold" doesn't begin to describe it...

May 20, 2012 08:54PM
By Kristin Close

Forty-five degrees, wind was blowing, and skin was showing. It was not a pretty sight,... off camera!

Fit Aphrodite's, Goddess-like models had to embody Cratus (the god of strength, might, and power) and embrace the cold-frigged Tahoe weather & waters, on May 6, 2012.

The realities of modeling are HARSH! It’s not all jet-planes and white sand beaches in the modeling world. Models have to make it through long days with cold weather conditions, in skimpy clothes and with empty stomachs, and still look sexy & fun. Aphrodite's models were all smiles, at our first photoshoot, as they had to grin and bare it through Tahoe’s less than friendly, cold breezes.

Our models were “blinged” out in bedazzled bikinis in a temperature of forty-five degrees (but it felt like negative thirty degrees!). Though their pictures came out pretty, off camera Aphrodite’s models were shaking, shivering, and turning blue - however, Tahoe Blue Vodka, locally made in the cold pristine mountains of Tahoe, was kept close by to keep our models warm & happy!

We pulled it off! Look forward to our release on June 15th, till then keep your eyes and ears perked for pictures of the fabulously cold photoshoot!