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Color? Red/Sexy... Pink/Fun...

Mar 18, 2012 09:01PM
Building Aphrodite is quite the Journey that we have ventured into, its full of laughs, joyous times, amazing women (& men), and its own share of random issues.

Issue #1: COLOR.

Ladies and Gents, branding is important, if Steve Jobs can call up an employee during church service to ask him to change the yellow in the Google branding, then you know color & branding is important. We may not be as anal as Mr. Jobs, however Leslie, our Creative Director, did take a second glance at our business cards and marketing once they got printed. Our lovely vibrant fun PINK of Aphrodite was printing as a sexy, seductive red, though still attractive, it WASN'T OUR COLOR!!

After 4 trail runs on the machines and changing colors on the screens we finally over a 2-week period, figured out what color prints as our FUN, exciting, vibrant PINK and which color looks the *same* pink online!

During that 2-week period, Leslie and I are going to meeting, explaining how the color on our cards and print material is not what represents us, which inherently impressed others, that we were paying close attention to our branding and the details!

The Devil may or may not live in the details, but key factors to your personality and branding do. Don't compromise your values and yourself just because some is hard at the moment. Be persistent and push through and your true color will shine! ;-)